Where is Korea Town in Los Angeles San Francisco Orange County San Diego New York Seattle Korea Town

www.koreanovernight.com for korea lovers. Learn where you can find a korea town near you to immerse yourself in the culture before you are really left without a paddle in Korea. Where is Korea Town in Los Angeles San Francisco Orange County San Diego New York Seattle Korea Town

25 thoughts on “Where is Korea Town in Los Angeles San Francisco Orange County San Diego New York Seattle Korea Town

  1. Mike Hoari

    I’m from Montreal, I’m replying to your request: Montreal has no Korean town,But Korean community are concentrated in Notre Dame (South West of Montreal)….They are not very sociable, there are exceptions of course like Koreans born here and grew up here. From my own experience, koreans are more concentrated into english speaking provinces (Ontario, British Colombia…) and they come to Montreal as tourist, or for education (Mcgill) or to party…. Hope I helped you, let me know! I make music!

  2. choster2033

    As a Korean who lives in Torrance in the LA area you are dead on. Lots of great places and tons of Korean people! K-town is great but day to day, Torrance is where it’s at!

  3. oscarmu25

    vancouver, downtown vancouver alot of korean culture, and coquitlam, super korean place

    in Toronto. Yonge/Finch

    Montreal. there r no korean town in montreal, cuz korean population in quebec r low

  4. whatsgoingon07

    1825A Post St, Ste 210
    San Francisco, CA 94115

    its a line of antique shops a few korean BBQ restaurants, karaoke bars and a korean grocery store but there’s no center mall

  5. whatsgoingon07

    even inside japantown, there’s plenty of korean shops, inside kinukuniya there’s mixture of japanese/korean novels magazines/movies and kpop music. hope that was helpful 😀

  6. whatsgoingon07

    there’s actually 2 that i know of (though I’ve heard there maybe more under construction in San Jose, Sacramento and Stockton)
    1. koreatown in Oakland Ca, that spans from Telegraph and 21st to Telegraph and 35th, its called Northgate Plaza
    2. koreatown in San Francisco that officially spans from 1655 post street (Peace Plaza) next to Japantown’s Miyako Mall: includes several korean BBQ , kpop stores,korean grocery shops, karaoke bars

  7. TheDYProduction

    Where’s that at ?! I’m planning to go to Koreatown tomorrow but i’m not sure where its at ? & does it have a korean music shop ?! I’m into Kpop

  8. kal20twelve

    There’s a Super h mart in Houston, Texas off I10 and blalock. Also a bunch of korean businesses off long point road.

  9. sorar3

    Coquitlam, british columbia. Big hotspot for korean people coming to learn english in canada, half my school and all other schools r korean people. Note, its a partly rural city.

  10. zhanna714

    Most of my students in NY were Korean, they were a lot of fun! There is a small Korean block in mid Manhattan as well.
    There are a lot of Korean restaurants, bakeries, and bars on this block.
    I have yet to meet Koreans here in Oceanside, CA, though. Most of my students are from other backgrounds.
    Thank you for sharing your information with us!


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  11. megamja

    You’re in Seattle and you think Lynnwood is the place to go for K-town? You’ve never been to Federal Way or Tacoma?

  12. ChannelPKtown

    Ummmmmm For real? “If you’re in LA, downtown LA and Torrance area… You can sit down in a bar, cafe, or coffeeshop and hear Korean all day long as long as you’re not creepy” Are you for real? You’re the expert???????? This has 5,000 views?


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