Where Does the US Economy Go From Here?

Experts on the economy discuss the country’s financial future. Participants include Neil Irwin who writes about the US economy and the Federal Reserve for The Washington Post. Tom Keene, editor-at-large at Bloomberg News. Robert J. Samuelson writes a weekly column on political, economic and social issues for the Washington Post and Newsweek. Bruce V. Rauner, Chairman of GTCR, an billion venture capital and private equity firm based in Chicago. Dartmouth professor of economics David Blanchflower.

21 thoughts on “Where Does the US Economy Go From Here?

  1. MrGchiasson

    Remember the ‘tidybowl man’ commercial?
    You see a guy rowing a rowboat…floating in your toilet…
    He’s telling you about the ‘Tidy Bowl’ product…
    Well, he’s actually rowing in useless circles..in our economy…. just like D.C.

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  6. Mormon4RonPaul

    Cuz they are Keynesian’s and they do NOT understand the real economy, they only understand the economy based on the Central Bank control. Remove their control and Keynesian has Zero theoretical ability. This analysis is PROPAGANDA.

  7. Mormon4RonPaul

    Ha where were they during the housing crisis? WHere were they? WHy didnt they see the BUBBLE’s?

  8. ro lu

    you are in error. the fact is the unemployment rate is over 20% in the US. they changed the way they caculate it today so you think its lower than it actually is.

  9. wzrsk

    What is the connection and correlation between severe economic contractions Great Depression and the current Deep Recession also coinciding with maximum corruption, lawlessness, violence, and incarceration? Is prohibition anathema to a free society and ultimately a corrupter of capitalism? History marks that the depths of the great depression were very nearly marked by the repeal of prohibition? We ended alcohol prohibition but then gradually shifted to a new prohibition, the war-on-drugs!

  10. wzrsk

    oh and by the way – we need to be as good of friends with Mexico as we are Canada! One bonus of ending the drug war is it opens the doors to many boomers who may desire to retire in Mexico. This helps their economy too! Building out retirement / resort communities could be a new growth industry in Mexico!

  11. wzrsk

    Don’t forget ~ IDEAS are the commodity of the future. Those ideas may come from the educated but it would be a mistake to assume that they ONLY can come from the educated ~ meaning that there must be some avenue which idea-people get be heard AND most of all ! fairly compensated for those ideas!

  12. wzrsk

    @1:11 – regarding change of retirement age (higher) ~ How does essentially trapping the boomers in predominantly good family wage jobs – help new workers come into the workforce? The solution may be quite the opposite. Social Security unable to meet obligations by 2030? What if minimum wage DOUBLED! and wages throughout the workforce were similarly adjusted higher? Twice (or more) money would go IN TO Social Security. Also – go to the 24 or 32 hour work week! Increase Overtime pay to 3X.

  13. scott bowlan

    these guys dont have a clue on whats going on down on main streat and these fools are going to get a real bad wake up very soon.

  14. james lalone

    This is nonsense. There should be no such thing as too big to fail. Where there is supply there will be demand. Larger banks would have failed and new ones opened to replace the irresponsible ones. the idea that any civillian entity could not be replaced is utter nonsense.

  15. Mordecai Machazire

    Suggestions for Social security and other entitlements. Tax cuts for the elderly that keep working past the retirement age and or raising the retirement age but also raising the age one begins paying into the programs. e.g raising it to 70 but you begin paying into the program at 30. Thank you for sharing these lectures, so much value.


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