What is Tofu? Tofu 101 and Easy Fried Tofu Recipe

In today’s WTF, Dan takes a look at one of the most requested topics to date: Tofu. Explores its history, and shows how simple it is to prepare. Today’s sponsor is buyscottybs.com —- What’s This Food?! (WTF?!) is a daily cooking show, with a new episode posted every day of 2011. Learn more at http Facebook – danieldelaney.com Twitter – twitter.com Email Newsletter – eepurl.com

24 thoughts on “What is Tofu? Tofu 101 and Easy Fried Tofu Recipe

  1. malkhatowa

    What about the acid? Isn’t that unnatural or something unhealthy? And i heard spy wasn’t healthy either, can anyone give me clarity on that?

  2. Wednesdaie Morrill

    @azz182010 escargot is French for snail. (I don’t know how to make it though so sorry) but hope I helped some ;D

  3. candyflipdhippy

    i have so much questions with tofu lol this kinda helped but a big question i have is, is the soft tofu just have more whey left in it so if i wanted to make my own flavored tofu can i get the silky stuff put in peppers and stuff let it sit then kinda press it my self so it can be fried im sorry if this is a big question and if anyone reading this has done anything like this msg me about how u did ir thumbs up so hopefully he will help me or someone will see it lol

  4. Jamal Summer

    Daniedelaney. I been wondering for awhile what is escargot? An how to cook with it? Thank you. Your video”s are alot of help.


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