Vegetarian Chili Recipe: Soulful & Full of Flavor

Vegetarian chili that is full of soulful flavor and hearty enough to stick to your bones??? Say it aint so!!!! I’ll admit vegetarian chili didn’t sound that appealing to me at first. I guess I’m just not a real veggie lover (although I’m trying to be) I’m a meat & potatoes, (cakes, cookies, ice cream, pies, candy,) kinda girl and it just seemed like a cruel thing to do to chili…you know, adding all those vegetables and stuff. My oldest sister, who is a vegetarian, has been telling me how fabulous her vegetarian chili recipe is for the longest. Even though she is one of those “healthy people” I trust her when she tells me something vegetarian tastes good. She was raised on my mothers and grandmothers soulful cooking and knows how to doctor up those vegetarian dishes like a seasoned pro. Since so many of us are trying to watch our weight this time of year, I figured you would appreciate a hearty, savory, yet healthy dish to add to your recipe collection. (you can thank for my sister Nikki, although I did tweak this recipe a bit from the original) This vegetarian chili recipe does not disappoint! It’s hearty, mild enough for my toddler, yet my spicy, meat- chili-loving husband gave it 5 stars! I found myself eating my second bowl without even noticing it. It’s loaded with fresh vegetables like zucchini, peppers and corn, three kinds of beans, and a perfect blend of savory spices! This vegetarian chili can easily be customized with your favorite veggies or kick up the

25 thoughts on “Vegetarian Chili Recipe: Soulful & Full of Flavor

  1. Dawta31

    Just finished making and eating this! I couldn’t find the liquid smoke, but even without it, it was good. Such a colorful dish. I truly hope you incorporate more vegetarian dishes in the future! Thanks for a simple and tasty recipe!

  2. AnnieceM

    I made this for my sister who is a vegetarian (w/o the morning star) & it was absolutely DELICIOUS!! Thanx for sharing!!!

  3. jenicaadkins

    you are adorable !! thanks so much for sharing all these amazing meals !! I’ve been married for over a year and I’m just now starting to cook ( and I’m so enjoying it ) before it was kinda like EEEEK but anyways THANKS again girl LOVE watching your vids !

  4. DevilishFungus

    That looks so delicious, I’m going to have to make that for the veggies at the next church potluck. Thank you so much.

  5. Irondo11

    I have some black olives that I’m going to put in insead of salt. My boss, decades ago, used to add air popped popcorn. His wasn’t veg, but it was to make others think there was more meat!…hahaha

  6. simboy69

    Tex-mex is where Chili started….a staple spice of tex-mex food is Cumin. Therefore without cumin there is no chili 😛

  7. gdbaby013

    Thanks for a vegetarian recipe! My bf is a vegetarian and it’s so hard to find things we will both enjoy( i’m still an omnivore =])


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