Vegetable Korma – Indian Vegetarian Recipes Video

25 thoughts on “Vegetable Korma – Indian Vegetarian Recipes Video

  1. Lori Bonicelli

    wow, looks so good! Thanks for mentioning that you grind up the spices. I always wondered what I did with them. ­čÖé I love indian food and have just been buying all the premade jars of sauce. Now I can save a ton of´╗┐ money AND it will taste better. ­čÖé

  2. R yag

    Hey great recipe ladies..sounds pretty authentic..Can I use spoonful of tomato paste´╗┐ instead of chopped tomatoes. Thanks

  3. dumadum1234

    hey ladies you´╗┐ both r lovely, but hetal your accent is v v v artificial and its v annoying. just be real…….

  4. Colubrid Dendrelaphis

    I’m going to try this. Thanks for taking the time and effort to upload.
    I turned vegetarian about 2 months´╗┐ ago so this of great help.

    Thanks again.

  5. lomertamahon1

    Hi, I’m making this in someone else’s house. I hope they don’t detect that I made this wonderful food in their´╗┐ house. I already made it. It tastes damn good.

  6. TheSwordWielder

    I LOVE´╗┐ Korma, but I don’t have all of these things ­čÖü I’ll have to wait to make it. Great recipe anyway ­čÖé

  7. EverydayNormalDude

    wow what a delicious vegetarian recepie too´╗┐ bad we dont have some of those indgridients and spices here in the philippines or maybe hard to find

  8. ShowMeTheCurry

    Tomatoes provide tang and substance – you can get the tang from tamarind but´╗┐ the substance will still be missing… ­čÖü
    Well omit the tomatoes and add a wee bit of tamarind…

  9. poosclouds

    oh god this has so many ingredients but my parents would love this, gotta try it out. could you suggest a substitute specifically for the tomatoes? thanks a lot´╗┐ either way!

  10. DrMackSplackem

    Oh please…It’s just light radiation that’s too low energy for you to see. Microwaves are hitting you from all sides, all the time, courtesy of good old Mother Nature. Go learn some´╗┐ physics and don’t listen to your hippie friends.

  11. Vann Patfemytepi

    An amazing´╗┐ recipe. Thanks I have been looking with this approaches for nearly any super very very long time.

  12. AImer W

    In trying to eat right I’ve had trouble keeping the constant portions of vegetables fresh without mounting half tomato on half onion and such on top of each other in´╗┐ my fridge. I decided to design a product on Quirky in hopes someone would make it so I can have it for this new way of eating that I love so much. I don’t mean to spam- just an avid veggie eater with a problem to solve! Check out my idea on and if you like the design please vote for it.


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