The Perfect – Soup Dumpling

Andrea Nguyen, chef and author of Asian Dumplings, takes CHOW to Shanghai Dumpling King in San Francisco for what she considers the perfect xiao long bao, or Shanghai soup dumpling. Chef and owner Lu Kuang has been making them for 25 years. Andrea chats with him in the kitchen, then explains how Lu gets the soup on the inside of the dumplings. Plus, the most important information: how to eat them without losing all the soup.
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25 thoughts on “The Perfect – Soup Dumpling

  1. mkshn111

    it is remotely “similar” to balsamic vinegar, she obviously doesn’t know what she is talking about. just cause they are both dark…

  2. Xiia0Sn00pY

    Well, your way is incorrect. But then, everybody has their ways of enjoyment. Normally, the dumpling skin is bit on a spoon, allowing the juice to come out and to be sucked. Then ginger and vinegar is added to be consumed whole

  3. StaIIHawker

    没关系,学到老嘛~ ^^

  4. StaIIHawker

    Don’t fucking puncture the dumpling, u’re suppose to scald ur mouth while eating it whole and hot!!!

    Well, that’s my way~ ^^

  5. goodkid1981

    the way I eat it is take a tiny bite on the skin(wrap, lol), then sip in all the soup and then eat the rest in one bite. or, if the soup is not very hot, i’ll jst eat it all in one bite lol


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