The Dim Sum Experience (ChicVoyage in Vancouver)

Ask almost any Vancouver local and they are likely to tell you that we are very lucky to have some high quality food choices at reasonable prices. Chinese dim sum is a very popular activity with most locals. In this entertaining and informative video Greg Hung and Catherine film a beginning to end of the Dim sum experience at one of the top Chinese restaurants Sun Sui Wah. Catherine is a locally born Vancouverite and will share some of her favorite dim sum dishes and even an education on tea etiquette. Entrepreneur Greg Hung sold his home and left his job in Vancouver BC, Canada to pursue his dream of building a global company ChicVoyage, dedicated to sharing travel experiences Chic style. In 2011 his journey took him to Montreal, Whistler, Turks and Caicos, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Guangzhou, Xian, and Taiwan. In 2012 he filmed at North West America tour covering Vancouver, Seattle, Victoria, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Nappa Valley. The dim sum experience will be a part of a larger film called ChicVoyage in Vancouver. http Download our videos to watch offline in the itunes store

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