The Chinese Way of Losing Weight

Twenty years ago, when the issue of obesity as a rising health concern was brought up, people would automatically look to the West as the main area of concern. It was the Americans, with their Texas size portions and penchant for dairy products who were fat, not the Chinese, who had more culture and portion control when it came time to chow down. Unfortunately, western eating culture has the tendency to rub off on growing economies and now China is also experiencing bit of an expanding waist line when the golden arches and the jumbo sized drink gain a toehold on the salivary glands of its people.

Given the traditional Chinese diet’s many healthful benefits, it would be better if their way of cooking and eating would began to rub off on us westerners instead. Because of the way the food is prepared, using fresh gently cooked ingredients, served, in many different variations and small portions, and eaten using chop sticks, the Chinese Diet is actually a good way to shed some pounds without having to work out.

Here are 10 rules to follow to eat food, feel healthier, and lose weight the Chinese way:

1. Eat slowly until full

Instead of looking it up in the calorie index book, consider the food you are eating to be nourishing. Eat it slowly (this is where chopsticks come in handy) and savor it, stopping when you are full.

2. Rice is not carbocide

While less carbs is what many diets like to preach, think about this: Rice has been around for 30 centuries and is the staple diet for billions of people, most of whom are pretty trim. Burgers have been around for about one century, and most of the millions that make it their staple are considered obese. Now tell me: is rice really “carbohydrate loading”.

3. Congee for breakfast

The traditional Chinese breakfast is a rice base liquid porridge known as congee. It is taken warm and can be either sweet or savory according to taste. Having it in the morning can be very cleansing and help prevent dehydration.

4. Veggie filled portions

Go to a Chinese kitchen and you will find plates of food loaded up with way more vegetables than meat. Filling up on more antioxidant rich veggies and less cooked meat will always help you feel better and more energized.

5. Variation is the key

Having lots of different foods coming to you and taking a small portion of each is good way to sate your appetite sooner. Also the Chinese way of incorporating the five basic flavors (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, and bitter) with varied dishes also helps stop the cravings for fats and sweets that we westerners have so much trouble with.

6. Treat each meal as an occasion

Instead of buzzing through drive-thru or grabbing something that you can easily microwave, you should try treating each meal as something to be enjoyed around the table with friends and family.

7. Living Food for a living body

Understand that living organisms need real food, Chinese cooking employs fresh food that is in season and uses the traditional pickling process to preserve food instead of adding preservatives or processing it.

8. Eat food with known health benefits

Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes plants and herbs to remedy health problems and to boost the immune system. Chinese cuisine also likes to incorporate health boosting foods like ginger, chilies and garlic into the dishes make the food not only taste good, but keep you healthy.

9. Green Tea

Packed with antioxidants and full of cleansing and antiseptic properties, green tea is the healthy caffeinated beverage of choice. Drinking it throughout the day can help indigestion, oral hygiene and prevent many different types of cancer.

10. Food at Body Temperature

The traditional Chinese diet like to be in temperature harmony with the body. Instead of drinking ice-cold drinks or eating piping hot stews, the Chinese prefer food and drink to be warm but never too hot and in perfect harmony with the body.

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