The best Chinese food in ktown

ja-jang myun at Young King
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  1. Kan Tat Lee

    炸醬麵 (zha jiang mian in Chinese and jajangmyeon in Korean) originates from Shandong, China and was introduced to Korea through Chinese immigrants around a hundred years ago. Although the Korean version does find its roots in China, it has become significantly different from its Chinese counterpart as it developed over time. In Korea, the dish is found in “Chinese” restaurants, which sell Koreanized Chinese food like jajangmyeon. It’s like how the Japanese consider ramen (not instant) as Chinese.

  2. Xentradi97

    Even Korean dish like Nangmyun, by your definition can’t be Korean food. You know why? Because originally it came from Mongolia. What about Mandoo? Should that be considered Korean food? Surely it’s Chinese? What about Kimbap? Originally it’s from Japan. What about Gochujang? Do you know that Chilli pepper was only introduced to Korea only several hundred years ago?

  3. Xentradi97

    I’ve been living in Singapore for 10 years dude. I know what I’m talking about. Even if the origin of dish is from somewhere else, if it has evolved within the country, it is considered their own food. Part of their own culture. Only purist nationalists like you would insist the only national language is a dish created by the local people. Singapore and Malaysia are nation of immigrants.  Many cultures co-exist.

  4. gorosujap

    우길껄 우기길. 무슨 바쿠테나 호켄미가 싱가포르나 말레이시아 음식인가? 싱가포르나 말레이시아 공식 사이트에 들어가서 그 나라 전통음식으로 광고되는지 보길. 토종 말레이시안 사람들은 절대 저 음식들은 자기들 음식이라고 말하지 않음. 화교, 즉 중국인이 한국땅에서 만든 음식이 어떻게 한국음식이 될 수 있지? 당신 말이 맞을려면 한국인이 중국음식점을 하면서 새롭게 만든 음식이라면 한국음식이 될 수가 있지. 그런데 중국인이 중국음식점에서 한국인을 상대로 맛을 변화시켜 만든 짜장면이 어떻게 한국음식이야?

    한국인이 미국에서 한식을 미국인들 입맛에 맞게 바꾸면 미국음식이 되는거야? 아니지 그건 한식이지..

    이제 제대로 알겠음?

  5. Xentradi97

    That’s not true dude. Bakuteh, Hokkien mi and others though inspired by Chinese origin, it’s considered Singaporean food or Malaysian food. I don’t know why people put way too much energy on how and where it origined. Korean Jajangmyun is invented by ethnic Chinese in Korea. However, it’s distinctively different from the original Zazangmien if you ever tried both. It’s fair to say Jajangmyun is a Korean cuisine just as Hamburger and Pizza is to Americans.

  6. greathelmm

    It’s not a hybrid dish. It’s Chinese.
    Chinese people modified an original dish to suit the Korean people. That doesn’t make it a hybrid.
    짜장면이 중화요리지 바부쉬끼덜 아냐? 우길걸 우겨라.

  7. gorosujap

    짜장면은 중국음식이야…. 화교는 중국인 아니냐? 한국에서 화교가 만든 음식은 다 중국음식으로 분류되지. 말레이시아, 인도네시아 화교들이 만든 치킨라이스, 바쿠떼, 호켄미 등을 그나라 전통음식이라고 하지 않는다. 다 중국음식이라고 하지. 울나라 사람들은 왜 중국음식을 우리 음식이라고 우기냐? ㅉㅉㅉ

  8. yellowman88

    The reason why he titled it Chinese food is because in Korea you’d normally see Chinese restaurants selling this. If you were to say it in Korean it literally translates to Chinese resturant. It’s origins is from China but it is significantly different from zhajiang mian. Very VERY koreanized dish.


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