Tales of the City Part 5 | Chapter 3

Speaking of blackmail, while Mary Anne is wrapping a birthday present for Norman, a real tie, not a clip-on, Edgar Halcyon recieves a special little piece of mail of his own. Mona and Dorthia talk about love and sex and a quiet dark walk home while Mary Anne takes Norman out for his birthday. Figured out his game yet? you will soon! He doesn’t sell vitamins. Meanwhile, Mona drags out some tough issues with Dorthia once they get home.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

4 thoughts on “Tales of the City Part 5 | Chapter 3

  1. Zander45

    Maryann likes Norman becuse he reminds her of home(Cleveland) Also.he appears to be “normal”She also may feel sorry for him.She is the beauty and he is the beast!


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