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Authors@Google: David Graeber, DEBT: The First 5000 Years

DEBT: The First 5000 Years While the “national debt” has been the concern du jour of many economists, commentators and politicians, little attention is ever paid to the historical significance of debt. For thousands of years, the struggle between rich and poor has largely taken the form of conflicts between creditors and debtors—of arguments about the rights and wrongs of interest payments, debt peonage, amnesty, repossession, restitution, the sequestering of sheep, the seizing of vineyards, and the selling of debtors’ children into slavery. By the same token, for the past five thousand years, popular insurrections have begun the same way: with the ritual destruction of debt records—tablets, papyri, ledgers; whatever form they might have taken in any particular time and place. Enter anthropologist David Graeber’s Debt: The First 5000 Years (July, ISBN 978-1-933633-86-2), which uses these struggles to show that the history of debt is also a history of morality and culture. In the throes of the recent economic crisis, with the very defining institutions of capitalism crumbling, surveys showed that an overwhelming majority of Americans felt that the country’s banks should not be rescued—whatever the economic consequences—but that ordinary citizens stuck with bad mortgages should be bailed out. The notion of morality as a matter of paying one’s debts runs deeper in the United States than in almost any other country. Beginning with a sharp critique of economics (which since

2013 New Year’s Resolution: Eat my heart out | Chopstix n Fork

2013 New Year's Resolution: Eat my heart out | Chopstix n Fork

I think my first video kinda sucked so I made another one… I know this is a little late, but here is my 2013 New Year’s Resolution and the reason why I started this channel. Follow my journey and hope you’ll have fun doing so. Give me a thumbs up and comment below on things you’d like to see me do this year. Cheers! Follow me below: Website | chopstixnfork.com Instagram | http Twitter | twitter.com Facebook | facebook.com Foursquare | foursquare.com Keek | keek.com Pinterest | pinterest.com Flickr | flickr.com

The Reef 2011 New Year’s Eve Bash Trailer

A preview of what’s to come this NYE Bash at the hottest spot in Wisconsin Dells, WI and a reminder for you to party in style and make your VIP Bottle Service reservations today! Call Now @ (608)254-1800 and ask for Tricia, Marci and TJ Party and Dance til dawn with DJ Felix & MC LG Live Countdown. Ballon Drop and Bubbly at Midnight. Safe Ride Shuttle is available for local Hotels and Residence with in 5 mile radius. ** www.thereefnightclub.com | www.marleysclub.com | clubmarleys@aol.com | check us out on twitter and facebook also! * Must be +21 to enter
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