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PART 1 of 6 – The Dog House (JV & Elvis) Wild 94.9, Ray Luv, Gary Archer, BAY CLASSIC 1/21/05

www.pushinthebay.com – PART 1 of 6 – Another PTBTV Pushin’ The Bay TV Bay Area classic – The Dog House (JV & Elvis) on Wild 94.9 featuring Ray Luv, Gary Archer, and local Bay Area talent on 1/21/05. The Dog House was an American radio talk show co-hosted by JV (Jeff Vandergrift) and Elvis (Dan Lay). The show was most recently based in New York City on 92.3 Free FM, and previously aired on ClearChannel’s Wild 94.9 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The New York show was canceled in May 2007, due to a controversy over a segment that it aired involving a prank call to a Chinese restaurant. The co-hosts and the producer were subsequently fired by the station and CBS Radio. In March 2008, they began broadcasting a new show via the web. The Dog House stars JV and Elvis. The two met in 1993 and have been radio cohosts together for over 15 years, (along with JV’s high school friend and show producer “Hollywood” Lance Otani) starting on Hot 97.7 in San Jose, California. In 1995, program directors Michael Martin and Joe Cunningham of Wild 107 eagerly hired them to fill a timeslot vacated by Mancow Muller. The Dog House quickly became a household name after joining Wild 107.7 (which subsequently moved to Wild 94.9), as they became the #1 rated morning show in the Bay Area receiving higher ratings than Howard Stern; only to be terminated several years later due to off-air controversy. Shortly after being fired from Wild 94.9, they helped launch KIFR at the end of 2005 before moving to

HEEBONISM on Travel Channel’s Extreme Wild Parties

On Christmas Eve, the biggest Jewish party night of the year, Heeb Magazine holds its annual post-Chinese food calorie-burner, HEEBONISM. Since 2006, this mother of all Christmas Eve bashes has been held all over the country including in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Denver, Chicago and Miami. For more information about HEEBONISM or Heeb Magazine, go to www.heebmagazine.com.