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Traditional Chinese Medicine For MS

Perhaps looking to Western medicine for MS is not the only answer when it comes to the treatment for those afflicted. Many people are instead turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine instead as a way to find relief from the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that the roots of most diseases are affected by many factors including behavioral, spiritual, emotional, climatic and dietary habits.

The TCM approach to medicine for MS is to adjust environmental and human influences through changes in lifestyle, the use of traditional herbal medicines and physical therapy. In TCM the doctrine holds that all ingested substances have a direct effect on the body. This means that diet is adjusted to maintain the body’s balance by the way food is prepared and by the choices of foods.  In the traditional mindset all foods, herbs and medicines are considered part of the same subject when it comes to health.

Chinese medical doctrines believe that diseases like multiple sclerosis stem from an imbalance of spiritual and emotional factors. They think that the disease may lie dormant until it is trigger by an event such as an infectious disease. The theory is that the body is weakened by emotional or spiritual stress and thus more susceptible to contracting MS. Medicine for this is best described as putting your emotional and spiritual house in order. Meditation and talking with ones elders to resolve stressful issues is seen as the best treatment for this.

The Chinese like the West use the introduction into the body of a “medicine” for MS as a way to treat the symptoms. The only difference is that in the West various drugs are used that tend to create some very unpleasant side effects, whereas the Chinese solution is to use a mixture of herbs to achieve similar results. Tests conducted show that the Chinese have achieved remarkable success using a combination of herbs, acupuncture and other forms of traditional medicines in reducing the number of exacerbations experienced in large numbers of multiple sclerosis patients. It has been noted that these remedies or treatments may also help to relieve many other health problems along the way.

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History Of Chinese Toys: Toys Food And Defensive Song – Chinese Toys, Traditional Toys, Toy Song –

Most kids today like to play Video games And high Technology Toys, more love to play Network Games, these gadgets are not there in ancient times, of course, but the ancient people have their own stuff, good time is “exhilaration,” then what the ancient people are playing toys?

Song and toys, can be said that the development of China’s toy very important part of the history, when rich people’s toys in Life , Increase knowledge and stimulate creativity have played a positive role, become an indispensable cultural and recreational life of an important part.

Toys and Festival Song and almost every major festival, season in, there are appropriate toys, and heavy water, reuse, eating both, as the trend of the Song and Yuan toys.

Imitation “soil Chunniu” do “Xiaochun bull”
Holidays: New Year play Toys: Chunniu Play: Every year during the Northern Song “playing spring,” Tokyo city’s people and children, have to follow the city had placed before the “land Chunniu” appearance, Make Above 100 show many people, spring banner Xue Liu’s “Early Spring Bull”, give each other. “Dream sorghum recorded” record: “the market to take loaded bar, sit by Jordan to cattle, and streamers Chun Chun Sheng, offering each phase left in the care of your family home, showing the abundance of Siu Nim.”

“Evil” toys guarded portal
Festival: Dragon Boat Festival Toys: Fitch, clay Zhang Tianshi Play: Dragon Boat Festival, the Song and Yuan City businesses are making Fitch, clay Zhang Tianshi, color cable operator licensing bags and other “evil” toys for sale. “Age of miscellanies”: “hanging Fearless, propped eyes straight down to watch for, riding on a big health hunting Fitch. Leisure provision of God, ghost wave filter? Sword? Fight sauce significantly less wish?? By ceramic Ha River Paul ! Closed kitchen anxiety simmer commission sent m tennis Huan Qiong-Yi abuse? ?’s democratic document owned plate enthalpy pharyngeal Polo angry vomit ? Yangqinmipan? thumb left broom?? Ne apology scared Du fashion, Tridacna gigas asked Ba??

Magic together Law?? Song of Barbie
Festival: Tanabata Festival Toys: Magic Hop Romania
Play: “Qi” is the Song and Yuan Dynasties peak holiday toy production. In Tokyo, during early July the 6th, seventh day evening, the public and festoons floor in the court, a judge and “QiQiao House” is the place for the “Magic co-Lo.”

So-called “magic together Law”, is generally clay soil even in the Song and Yuan dynasties known as “mud baby”, but also known as “Lo Mo”, “grinding drinking music” and so on, is the Sanskrit transliteration the Buddhist scriptures in the name of God, came from the Western Regions, just like Barbie dolls.

In the Song Fiction , Yuan Dynasty, the magic together Law as the embodiment of cute. Such as “13-year-old Lang overturned,” it reads: “it is a Meiqingmuxiu, Chunhongchibai, magic together as can be made to English Law, 100 Q 100 Answer.”

“Tippler on record,” it reads: Tokyo’s “Tanabata” the city to sell more “mud baby.” These “mud baby” correct fine, not the same size, dressed in all kinds of men and women Clothing , Southerners they call it, “Koji.” Romanian cooperation in the shaping of the magic to make the most exquisite Suzhou Song, became the favorite toy of young men and women.

“Lion Fairy Sugar” rewards both the toy food
Holiday: Chung Yeung Festival Toys: Lion cent sugar
Play: “Piao Tong Shi Yan Jie,” recorded in the Double Ninth Dadu residents held a “feast flowers”, the Ximian middle to put the “biological or wrapped around sugar”, the sugar system Food Both the actual food reward is a toy. It is white sugar, white Sesame Phase and, with the torment of fire, and dumped into the wooden screen printing, the cool down after, and similar fruits. After the sugar-based, poured into a wooden Indian, then poured into the sesame seeds.

The most popular of which is the “lion fairy sugar”, that is to do with sugar and India’s immortal image of riding a lion, but also useful in view of sugar and India to do floor, the image of Buddha Monk. Such food toys, can open the appetite, but also spoiled for choice.

Toys? Creative Song and Yuan period there have been some sophisticated mechanical toys, such as “call child”, “diabolos”, “skeleton puppet” are using technology more advanced principles of production machinery, thus opening up a new period of Chinese toys .

“Forehead called the child” can Cantata

“Meng Xi Bi Tan” records: the person was a kind of bamboo do the teeth of bone referred to as “call child” and placed it on the lips of a blow, you can issue similar to the human voice, which kind of game is called “forehead called the Son.” “Water Margin” in there so an “iron called Son” music and his expertise is the Cantata, wanted to come also used the “call child”, otherwise there would be no “iron called Son” nickname. This also shows that “children called” the popularity of this toy.

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Why Not Order Authentic And Traditional Chinese Food

Chinese food seems to be a favourite amongst many of us and it seems we have fallen in love with the cuisine. Chinese food is the most popular ethnic cuisine choice from all the choices available. Whilst many believe prawn crackers and fortune cookies are authentic Chinese food, they are misguided. Chinese cuisine is vast; every region in China has its own speciality dish making each dish unique and different from the others. However, for true authentic Chinese food, some basic principles need to be followed to ensure it is traditional Chinese that you are eating.
So what is the main dish in a traditional Chinese meal? Well the answer is starch, unlike other western countries where the main dish is meat based. In southern china the diet mainly consists of rice. However, in northern China this is not the case. Their diet consists of wheat flour noodles or a steamed bun as the main dish and side dishes are comprised of meat namely beef, pork or chicken. Other side dishes include cooked vegetable, fish and soup. Where in western countries soup is served as a starter, in China soup or rice is served at the end of the meal.
When sitting down to an authentic Chinese meal, chopsticks are always used accompanied with an individual bowl of noodles or rice. The rest of your dishes are then placed in the centre of the table and shared amongst everyone. Chinese tradition is to eat right off the plate using your chopsticks not serving yourself an individual portion. This is one reason why Chinese food when served is in small pieces as this makes it easy to pick up off the plate using the chopsticks. Another tradition of a Chinese meal is to serve tea as opposed to soft drinks.
After the main course, traditional Chinese desserts are very simple. Usually this is plain fresh fruit or fruit that has been glazed with sugar. Another popular and traditional Chinese dessert is simple rice pudding. Chinese desserts are not rich in flavour as seen with other cuisines.

When you next order your takeaway delivery of Chinese food, why not be a little adventurous and choose dishes that are regional, for example Sichuan spicy chicken or pork dishes. Online ordering facilities make ordering your takeaways simple. You can find Takeaway London restaurants and takeaways all over the UK that offer pure, tasty and authentic Chinese food for delivery.

When you next order your takeaway delivery of Chinese food, why not be a little adventurous and choose dishes that are regional, for example Sichuan spicy chicken or pork dishes. Online ordering facilities make ordering your takeaways simple. You can find Takeaway London restaurants and takeaways all over the UK that offer pure, tasty and authentic Chinese food for delivery.

Traditional Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are a traditional form of medication that has been used for centuries. Known as TCM for short, this method is now being practiced across the world. It is known as an alternative form of medicine in the United States, but many people are leaning to its more natural state than taking man-made drugs.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is that all parts of the body work together in unison for optimal health. For that reason, all organs and their functions must be working correctly in to achieve a proper, healthy balance. This is can be done through the harmony of the yin and the yang, two energies that are complementary and through to have an effect on the quality of life.

Another idea of Chinese medicine is that the chi or energy that flows through the body does so through various channels, called meridians. The Chinese believe that if these paths become obstructed, physical, mental, or emotional complications begin to become apparent. In order to stabilize the flow, herbs and other forms of treatment are necessary.

Treating conditions with traditional Chinese herbs are done in such a way that is unique to each individual with a specific problem. There are many herbs used in these solutions. The most common include ginseng, ginkgo biloba, cinnamon, and astragalus. A special concoction of several herbs is mixed together to treat the problem the sufferer is having. These formulas are then administered in various forms, such as capsules and teas.

These Chinese herbs have not yet been subjected to a number of scientific studies to prove their effectiveness. However, they have been used in Western society for thousands of years to battle a number of medical ailments. They have been known to help get rid of or better the following conditions.

Acne Many herbs have anti-inflammatory properties that can clear up your skin.

Fertility Dong Quai and Ginseng are just two of the herbs that Chinese have used for years to help promote the chances of conceiving a child.

Stress The Chinese have formulated herbal medicines to help relieve stress by working with the hormones in the brain.

Weight loss Some herbs can work with the metabolism to boost the rate of calorie burning. They can also promote a healthier digestive tract, meaning your body can get rid of the unwanted toxins that can help the body store fat.

If you decide to heal any ailment with traditional Chinese herbs, you should contact someone who is qualified in this form of alternative medication. Those that use this form of treatment do not recommend trying to self-treat any issues you may be experiencing. It is also suggested that you speak with your primary physician prior to seeking this method with Chinese Herbs or treatment for any condition.

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simple 20 min traditional chinese mango dessert recipe

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! we decided it would be pretty fun making Yeung Zhee Gum Lo, which is a common dessert served in Hong Kong. Because its new year, we thought many of the chinese people will have guests over and stuff, and being a good host means that you should be able to whip up a tasty dessert in 20 mins!! serves 4-5 (depending on size of bowl) Ingredients: 2 medium sized mangoes 1/3 cups of sago (not 3/4- we realized it was WAY too much) enough water to boil the sago in- you can add water while its boiling 2 teaspoons of sugar for every person it serves (the video said we used 4 teaspoons, we actually used 3) half a pomelo, peeled and separated into strands 250ml coconut milk fresh milk Procedure: 1. prepare the mangos by pureeing one mango and cutting the other into small cubes 2. boil 1/3 cup of sago for approximately 6 mins, or until ALL the sago has turned transparent (if there are still white sagos, you can remove them or keep boiling until those have turned transparent too, as these will still be very hard) 3. peel a pomelo (or buy the prepeeled ones, but we bought a full one as it was cheaper) and separate into small strands 4. place the pomelo and mangos into the freezer section of the refrigerator as the colder these are the better tasting the dessert 5. cool the sago solution by pouring into a large bowl and maybe placing in the freezer too 6. pour the coconut milk into a large bowl (this bowl should be a pretty transparent one or something) and if
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Mama’s Chicken soup recipe for Traditional Chinese Medicine Panax Notoginseng – the king of Ginseng

This video presents perfect recipe for taking your daily dose of Notoginseng. The recipe is simple and removes some bitterness of Notoginseng, thus making Notoginseng more palatable. Anemic people are highly recommended to take Notoginseng only by this recipe. Please visit www.sanqiginseng.com for more recipe and more information on Notoginseng.