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Delights Of San Francisco Tour

“If you’re going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you’re going to San Francisco
You’re gonna meet some gentle people there

For those who come to San Francisco
Summertime will be a love-in there
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle people with flowers in their hair”… and it goes on.

Yes Scott Mckenzie is indeed a genius. What a revelation this song has created. The vibes that flow through your body as you follow the tune. I simply fell in love with the song at first instance.

San Francisco is a beautiful city in the state of California and if you havent visited the place, you ought to plan a trip. Else you are missing a lot in life. The culture, place, the kind gentle hearted friendly people, everything makes you feel the zest for life. You will turn out to be jubilant happy fun loving person. That is the influence the city has upon us.

The whole city revolves around the great Golden Gate Bridge. It is the center of attraction. Now the city occupies 49 square miles of the California state and of course there are many attractable spots as well apart from the golden gate bridge. The whole of 49 square miles is filled with beautiful hills and it is very beautiful during spring and autumn season. Once you land in San Francisco, you can make use of cable cars to traverse around the whole city. These cables have become an incredible historic landmark for the California state.

As I have said earlier, San Francisco is a hilly area. Thus you have the most beautiful place on earth known as Muir Woods. The Muir woods are a beautiful adventurous spot. It is like a Forrest filled with pompous trees known as the Redwood Trees. They are so huge that we appear like tiny group of ants beside them. It takes about 90 minutes just to go around the whole area. The Muir Woods also has breath taking falls.

You must visit Napa valley. Napa valley has got the most exotic wineries from the whole world. They have the oldest of wines and they also give you brief explanation about how they make their wine and how it is managed. Of course you can sample these wines. You can buy some also for back home.

Do not forget to visit Lombard Street, Nod Hill and Chinatown. These places are always busy and filled with lots of tourists from all across the world. The place is literally filled with entertainers and delightful fast food chains and restaurants. The Fishermans wharf is also a similar kind of place but it is always available unlike the above mentioned ones. And fishermans wharf is famous for its sea lions.

Last but not least, make time to visit Angel Island and the famous Alcatraz Prison. Notorious criminals such as Al Capone and Robert Stround where held as prisoners there. The “Rock” movie starring Sean Connery revolves around Alcatraz prison.

“San Francisco is indeed a delightful place to visit” is all youll conclude at the end of the day.

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Information About San Francisco Bus Tour

San Fransisco is ranked among the top spots for vacation. One of the main reasons which make it famous is its location. Surrounding San Francisco are mountains and water with beautiful landscape, which can attract any attention.


I recently was fortunate enough to take a San Francisco bus tour on an open top English style double-decker serviced by City Sightseeing. Once I hopped on, I knew I was in for a ride. The tour guide Suzanne was excellent. I recommend taking her tours if possible. She had me laughing so hard I cried.


I went on the Downtown loop tour as well as the Golden Gate loop tour. Out of these two San Francisco bus tours, I recommend taking the Golden Gate loop tour. The tour bus takes you over the Golden Gate and stops at a vista point allowing you to take pictures of the bridge. It also passes through the Presidio, and past homes costing millions before making its way back to Fishermans’ Wharf.


The other San Francisco bus tour I went on, the downtown loop offered great flexibility because it made many stops and you could hop on or off where you pleased. Buses run every thirty minutes so it’s easy to make your way across the city. Parking and driving in San Francisco is a mess, so it was nice having someone else to drive me. The driver made stops in Chinatown, Union Square, Civic Center, Ferry Building, Lombard St. Fishermans’ Wharf, and the SOMA district.


Make sure you stop and view Lombard St. This is the curviest street I have ever seen. and people drive down just for the fun of it. Neither of the San Francisco buses are able to drive down it, but it will stop next to the street so you can view it on your own.


Another place worth stopping is Chinatown. According to our guide, it is the largest Chinatown in the world. The streets are packed with open air markets and Chinese restaurants.


Another district I went to was North Beach, the Italian district. I stopped at Pinocchio’s for some good Italian food with family. If you like Italian food this area has many to choose from.


I recommend buying your tickets online rather that at the City Sightseeing office. I was able to save at least 3 dollars off each ticket by buying them ahead of time online.


I highly recommend taking a San Francisco bus tour to get a great overview of the city and learn about its history.


To see what double-decker tours are offered visit http://sightseeingworld.com or http://destination-store.com

Art in Storefronts Tour: Niana Liu in action

Niana Liu interacts with audiences and explains how she has converted an empty storefront in San Francisco’s Chinatown into a simulated Chinese restaurant ironically offering only three entrees: 1. Cheap and good. (slow) 2. Cheap and fast. (crappy) and 3. Good and fast (expensive). For more information about Art in Storefronts Chinatown, see www.sfartscommission.org
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Art in Storefronts Chinatown Tour: Niana Liu

Kelly Lindner describes the installation by Niana Liu during a tour of the Art in Storefronts Chinatown. The artist has converted an empty storefront into a simulated Chinese restaurant ironically offering only three entrees: 1. Cheap and good. (slow) 2. Cheap and fast. (crappy) and 3. Good and fast (expensive). For more information about Arts in Storefronts Chinatown, see www.sfartscommission.org
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Romney/Ryan Economics Presents: The Wisconsin Bain Bus Tour

bit.ly – Workers from Sensata, a manufacturing company based in Freeport, Illinois, are hitting the road to tell the nation just what a Mitt Romney Economy looks like. Sensata is owned by Bain Capital, a private equity firm founded by Romney that makes money by buying up companies, loading them with debt, and shipping jobs overseas. True to form, Bain is closing the Sensata plant before the end of the year and moving good manufacturing jobs to China. In fact, the Sensata workers are training their Chinese replacements right now. They want America to know the truth about a Romney/Ryan Economy and brought the message to Wisconsin. A Romney/Ryan Economy means: Steep tax breaks for for the rich (0000 goes to the average millionaire in Paul Ryan’s budget) Trillions in cuts to the safety net (food stamps, college grants, unemployment benefits) The destruction of healthcare (huge Medicaid cuts and the destruction of Medicare as we know it) A Romney/Ryan Economy benefits only one class of people — the richest 1%. Get involved today: bit.ly bainworkerbus.org http