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What is Tofu? Tofu 101 and Easy Fried Tofu Recipe

In today’s WTF, Dan takes a look at one of the most requested topics to date: Tofu. Explores its history, and shows how simple it is to prepare. Today’s sponsor is buyscottybs.com —- What’s This Food?! (WTF?!) is a daily cooking show, with a new episode posted every day of 2011. Learn more at http Facebook – danieldelaney.com Twitter – twitter.com Email Newsletter – eepurl.com

Healthy homemade Tofu dessert ( Dau Fu Fa ), 健康自製豆腐花

Please add me as your friend on facebook: www.facebook.com/wantanmien 請加我成為您的朋友在facebook 上: www.facebook.com/wantanmien You can find more recipes and information on my website: www.wantanmien.com 請去我綱頁: www.wantanmien.com 你會找到很多不同的食譜和大家分享Chinese and english recipe/ instructions below: 材料: 1. 1 公斤= 33.81 fl oz, 豆漿奶2. 1 包魚膠粉, 9 克= 2 湯匙3. 40 克= 1.41 oz, 白糖4. 75 ml = 2. 54 fl oz, 水紅豆沙面:: 1. 70 克= 2.5 oz, 紅豆2. 200 ml = 6.77 fl oz , 水3. 100 ml = 3.39 fl oz, 水4. 40 克= 1.41 oz, 白糖薑糖水面: 5.120 克= 4.23 oz, 黃糖6. 6片, 切絲做: 一個杯放入75 ml 凍水灑入9 克魚膠粉,( 不要搞拌) , 另一個大杯加入熱水浸住和水份要高過魚膠粉杯, 等10 分鍾, 利用熱力傳到個杯令魚膠粉變成為魚膠水. 1 公斤豆漿奶倒入煲, 餘底不要通常有渣, 加入40 克糖, 開中火見到豆漿有些微白煙冒出, 不用煮至沸騰, 教小火. 把巳溶魚膠粉拌勻, 一邊隨少倒入魚膠水, 一邊要不停拌勻, 要魚膠水混合和溶解. 熄火, 在熱爐上拌2 分直至魚膠粉完全溶解.( 不用煮沸騰). 用細篩過濾豆漿, 倒入玻璃容器內, 取出面上的泡, 攤凍. 用布和碟蓋面, 放雪糰5 小時凝固. 紅豆沙做面跟: 70 克紅豆洗後放煲加入200 ml 水, 開中火煮沸後, 教小火再煮10 分鍾後例出水和洗淨, ( 去苦味). 紅豆放回煲加入200 ml 水煮沸後, 教小火再煮10 分後, 關火, 在熱爐上焗5 分. 5 分後放紅豆連水入暖水瓶. 4 小時後倒出紅豆和水, 再加入100 ml 水, 用機打爛, 取出面上的泡後倒入煲加入40 克白糖煮沸,沸後教小火再煮8 分後, 攤凍. 薑糖水做面跟120 克黃糖, 200 ml 水和6 片薑切絲, 中火煮溶, 攤凍. Ingredients: 1. 1 liter soy milk = 33.81 fl oz 2. 9 gram = 2 tbsp white

How to make stir fry tofu with vegetables

ingredients 12 oz of firm tofu, 1/2 cup of snap peas, 1/2 cup of celery, 1/2 cup of mushrooms, 1/2 cup of carrots, 1/2 cup of green peppers, 1/2 cup of tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tsp of cooking wine, 3-4 tsp of light sodium soy sauce, 1/3 tsp of sesame oil, 4 oz of water or vegetable stock, 2 tsp of corn starch mixed with 2 oz of water. Great recipe to stir fry with mixed vegetables. Easy to cook and very healthy! Hope you like the video! Please subscribe and comment. www.facebook.com/fortunecooking