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► China Rises – Food is Heaven (New York Times Television)

From the steamy kitchens of Canton to the arid moonscape of the north, food is the very heart and soul of China. But increasing development and dwindling water supplies threaten the nation’s ability to feed itself. Meet the men and women who celebrate the glory of authentic Chinese cuisine – while working to preserve a healthy food supply for future generations.

China Rises is a four-hour documentary series that combines the talents of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and New York Times Television to chronicle how the monumental changes unfolding in the planet’s most populous nation could reshape our world.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

End of Times – Plot and Plan

Intro – www.youtube.com Part 1: In History – youtu.be Part 2: Hypothesis – www.youtube.com Part 3: Religious texts – youtu.be Part 4a: Recent mysteries – youtu.be Part 4b: More recent mysteries – youtu.be Part 5: Plot & Plan – youtu.be Thank you to; Suspicious0bservers www.youtube.com NASA Missing Data of Magnetosphere Reversal www.youtube.com TheUnitedKnowledge www.youtube.com Sun & NASA disinfo exposed! Another force twisting Earth’s magnetic field & sending particle influx! www.youtube.com At-Tariq The Knocking Star – Pulsar www.youtube.com Neutron stars – Death Star – BBC Horizon science www.bbc.com www.youtube.com The Great Year Documentary www.youtube.com The Universe – Pulsars and Quasars History Channel www.history.com www.youtube.com 2012 the official trailer www.youtube.com 2012 teaser-trailer www.youtube.com Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Underground Cities Denver Airport www.youtube.com www.youtube.com The Physics of Science Fiction_ Electromagnetic Pulse www.youtube.com Chinese told to stock up on food and water and get ready for WW3! www.youtube.com The Message (1976) www.imdb.com The Ten Commandments (2006) www.imdb.com Music Title: Brutal Revolution (Massive Epic Action) Artist: Music Junkies (Ars Arcana) Composer: Ars Arcana Album: Action Vol.9 www.youtube.com No copyright infringement intended

Jeff Wasserstrom “US-China Relations in Globalizing Times…”

Jeff Wasserstrom

Portland Community College hosted this lecture as part of the symposium “Shifting Trade Winds: APEC, Globalization & The Pacific Northwest” in Portland, Oregon in September 2011. Jeff Wasserstrom is a Professor of History at UC Irvine and his lecture is titled: “US-China Relations in Globalizing Times: Legacies of the Past and Challenges for the Future.” In 2011, the United States hosted the leaders of some of the world’s largest economies for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. In anticipation of this major event, Portland Community College welcomed the public, our local business community, and college and university faculty to a symposium to discuss trade and cultural issues in the Asia-Pacific region. www.pcc.edu