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More Tales of the City Part 2 | Chapter 2

Anna finally lets go of the skeletons and reveals the truth to Brian, and to us. Mrs. Madrigal used to be called Andy. She also reveals she had a daughter, a daughter named Mona. There’s one catch, Mona still doesn’t know that Anna is really her father. But where is Mona? Sonny and Cher make a special appearance in this chapter while Beachaump Day sulks in his palace uptown. Dee Dee has decided to leave him.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Tales of the City Part 6 | Chapter 3

Tales of the City Part 6 | Chapter 3

In the last chapter, Mary Anne is snooping for information up in Norman’s apt on the roof, but little does she know he’s on his way upstairs. She has spotted his secret vitamins briefcase. She’s finally going to know what creepy Norman is really up to. What does she find in the box? Meanwhie Edgar tells Anna about being blackmailed by her tenant, Norman Williams, so Anna shares her secret too. The reason she is worried Mr. Williams has the upper hand. But does he? Remember, Mary Anne really found something in the vitamins case…..The next afternoon, Mona’s Special guests are about to arrive for dinner. Coming from a mixed marriage is the smallest thing Mona will be concerned with once they arrive!

Tales of the City Part 6 | Chapter 4

That’s right, it’s not a drug problem Dorthia’s been hiding. Wonder why both her parents are white? here’s the answer. Mona is releaved because Dorthia isn’t dying like she thought. Norman has concened to meet with Mary Anne at the Legion of Honor Museum out in the Richmond dist. It’s time, the confrontastion. We finally get to know what Norman has been hiding, what makes him such a discusting little freak, but do we get to know it all? What does it have to do with Anna Madrigal? The cliffs over the bay have never seemed more treaturous. Still wearing that clip on Norman? Back at Barbary Lane, Brian found someone to bring to the Christmans party. Guess who? Connie Francis (Parker Posey) and Mouse buys Brian a very special gift for his “tree”. And one more special guest shows that makes Anna Madrigal’s holiday wish come true.

Tales of the City Part 6 | Chapter 5 Final

This is it, you finally get to know Anna’s secret. Anna Madrigal is an anagram. What does it stand for? try it yourself. Anna was once Andy. That is what Mrs. Madrigal had shared with Edgar Halcyon, and he loves her anyway. Mona wants to move back to Barbary Lane, but Anna loses someone at the same time. Before slipping away, Dee Dee shares something very special with daddy, and daddy only has one request: “name her Anna”. One life lost, one life begining, love broken and love reunited. Tales of the City. I fucking love this series so much! Amazing…..and there’s more to come!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Tales of the City Part 5 | Chapter 2

Creepy Norman is up to no good as usual. This time we find him snooping around for more information on Mrs. Madrigal. Meanwhile, Mona isn’t having the beautiful lesbian relationship she had imagined. Dee Dee also finds herself in a momentary relationship that leaves a bad taste in her mouth. Remember the blackmailer? Beachaum voices his protest against children once again completely oblivious to the truth.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Tales of the City Part 4 | Chapter 5

Dee Dee gets sexually blackmailed while Mary Anne and creepy Norman finish up their “date”. Norman freaks out when Mary Anne discovers his fake tie. Mouse goes to Mrs. Madrigal to tell her that he wishes to stay in the appartment since Mona has left, only to find out Mona didn’t even tell her she was leaving. This chapter ends with another spark of a doobie! And again I say, Marcus D’Amico is so so so dreamy!!!