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More Tales of the City Part 2 | Chapter 3

Mona and the ladies wait for the mystery guest to arrive at the Blue Moon lodge. Mona can’t contain her curiosity about the visiting Countryman. Muther Mucka the old Mutha Fucker has something in mind for Mona, she might find out who the mystery man is in a whole different way than she expected. Mona and Muther Mucka grow a little closer though when she shares with Mona that she used to have a son. A son that she cared for deeply and he ran away when he was 16. Meanwhile on the Mexican vacation, Mary Anne finds herself on the first night alone with Mr. Could Be Right.

More Tales of the City Part 1 | Chapter 3

Mona is Balls to Wall High and ends up staying at the bus station. So what next, buy a ticket to Reno of course. Dee Dee has to give some tough love to her mother so she will stop moarning in the dark. Back at the bus station, a very fucked up Mona has an encounter with one spit fire of an old lady waiting to depart as well. She aint no fool dolly, she can tell Mona is fucked up right off the bat. Meet Mother Mucka from Winamucka, a kooky old lady from a very very very tiny town outside of Reno. Back at Barbary Lane, Brian comes home from work and kicks back by sparking up a doobie with Anna Madrigal. Over the pizza they share, Anna andt Brian talk about all the dips and loops of the rollercoaster of life.

More Tales of the City Part 2 | Chapter 4

Mona might not know what she’s instore for but her costume for the evening is revealed. Bless her for she is about to go forth in sin! Mary Anne’s date is deffinately turning out for the best, landing her in the sheets. Meanwhile, in town, Brian is on the roof again watching his binocular fantasy girl, but theres more going on than meets the eye. Some others are using their glass tools to see what Brian is doing. Those damn Queens.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Tales of the City Part 5 | Chapter 3

Speaking of blackmail, while Mary Anne is wrapping a birthday present for Norman, a real tie, not a clip-on, Edgar Halcyon recieves a special little piece of mail of his own. Mona and Dorthia talk about love and sex and a quiet dark walk home while Mary Anne takes Norman out for his birthday. Figured out his game yet? you will soon! He doesn’t sell vitamins. Meanwhile, Mona drags out some tough issues with Dorthia once they get home.
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More Tales of the City Part 2 | Chapter 1

We pick back up at the Blue Moon Lodge. The ladies are washing up, shaving, and teaching an old dog new tricks, sort of. Mona is contemplating her search for roots, since she is now the phone operator at whorehouse. In the city, Dee Dee and Beachaump are salting the wounds with rock salt and divorse is deffinately on the rise. On the Mexican cruise, Mouse is feeling a little left out since he’s having trouble finding any gay boys on the boat, but Mary Anne is gearing up for her first hot date with the hot blonde.
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Tales of the City Part 6 | Chapter 2

Beachaum Day has no idea that the patient that he is interupting with a call to the doctor is non-other than his wife Dee Dee. The doctor agrees to have lunch with Beachaum to break it off, and guess who their waiter is? Beachaum finally sees the truth about Dee Dee and the doctor sees the truth about Beachaum. A few blocks over, Mouse fianlly runs into Mona and scolds her for not keeping in touch. Mouse invites her to the Christmas party but Mona has a plan to follow through with. She shares her concerns about Dorthia’s possible drug problem with Mouse and promises to call Mrs. Madrigal. Creepy Norman pushes Mary Annes curiosity to the edge and it turns her into a Nancy Drew of Barbary Lane. She’s feeling right at home now! I miss SF!!!!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5