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3) Sustainable Landscaping With Owen Dell Part 3

owendell.com Visit with Owen Dell, leading sustainable landscaping advocate and architect as he discusses our cities 3-Day Food Supply and “How to Have an Edible Landscape”. You can find Owen’s book, “Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies” here www.owendell.com
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Qi Gong Can Help You Survive Disasters & Build a Sustainable Future 4/4

www.tiangongus.org Master TianJia Mu, at the invitation from James Gilliland, the founder of ECETI (www.ECETI.org), gave her Plenary Speech on Sustainability, as one of the Keynote Speakers at the 2012 Global Transformation Conference in June/July of 2012. This event provided cutting-edge information regarding Spirituality and Science, in order to aid in the awakening and healing of humanity as a whole. This video is part 4 of 4 of the Plenary Speech she gave on June 30, 2012, entitled: “Yin Sustainability: Qi Gong Can Help You Survive Disasters & Build a Sustainable Future” Master TianJia Mu is a Qi Gong Master from Tian Gong International Foundation (www.TianGongUS.org), a non-profit and non-religious Qi Gong school dedicated to service through the empowerment of individuals and the healing of the Earth. She is a well-respected CPA and Certified Financial Planner in the San Francisco Bay Area. Master TianJia Mu is a perfect blend of Eastern and Western cultures, and a balance of practicality and spirituality. Her lifelong practice of Qi Gong has, from an early age, impressed upon her the remarkable healing effects of this “energy art” and practice. TianJia witnessed first-hand as a child, the miraculous healing of her critically ill mother through the practice of Qi Gong after all other medical treatments had failed. Out of this came the inspiration to devote herself to supporting others in their healing through Qi Gong. Today, Master TianJia Mu’s strong focus is in
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