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Ketchup Miso Stir-Fried Pork and Cabbage (Recipe) 豚とキャベツのケチャップ味噌炒め

I combined ketchup and miso to give sweet and rich flavor! It goes great with white rice and perfect for bento 🙂 This recipe once appeared on the Kagome’s ketchup recipe card and website. createeathappy.blogspot.com 以前に私の「豚とキャベツのケチャップ味噌炒め」がカゴメトマトケチャップのレシピカードに掲載されました☆ createeathappy.blogspot.com ——————————— Ketchup Miso Stir-Fried Pork and Cabbage Difficulty: Easy Time: 10min Number of servings: 2 Ingredients: 150g (5.3oz.) thinly sliced pork A * 1 tsp. sake * 1 tsp. soy sauce * 0.5 tsp. grated garlic 300g (10.6oz.) cabbage (you can add some other leftover vegetables in the fridge: carrot, green pepper, onion, shimeji mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, etc…) B * 2 tbsp. sake *you can add water instead * 1 tbsp. miso * 1 tbsp. tomato ketchup * 1 tsp. toban jan (hot bean sauce / Chinese red chili paste, optional) 1 tbsp. sesame oil Directions: 1. Cut thinly sliced pork into bite-size and season with A. 2. Cut green cabbage into bite-size as well. 3. In a small bowl, mix B well. 4. Heat sesame oil in a frying pan, and saute seasoned pork. 5. When the pork starts to change color, add cabbage and other leftover vegetables and stir-fry until they began to wilt. 6. Then add 3. and cook thoroughly. レシピ(日本語) cooklabo.blogspot.com ——————————— In the end of the video, I purified the power stone earrings with white sage smoke. I just read that the smoke won’t cling when it’s done

Chinese Style Stir-Fried Watermelon Rind (Recipe) スイカの皮の簡単中華炒め (レシピ)

What do you do with the watermelon rind?! Do you throw it away?! Then, I have a good recipe that goes good with white rice 😉 ——————————— Stir-Fried Watermelon Rind Difficulty: Easy Time: 20min Number of servings: 2 Ingredients: 200g (7oz.) watermelon rind (white part only) 1 tsp. salt 100g (3.5oz.) thinly sliced pork 50g (1.8oz.) carrot 100g (3.5oz.) bean sprouts 6 Chinese chive small piece (about 1/2 inch) of shoga (ginger root) A * 1/2 tbsp. honey * 1/2 tbsp. sake * 1 tbsp. soy sauce cracked black pepper 1/2 tbsp. starch 1/2 tbsp. sesame oil Directions: 1. Remove hard green rind and weigh the white part on a scale. You may leave a bit of red portion. 2. Cut the watermelon rind (1.) into short and thin strips. Sprinkle salt over the strips, let stand for 5 minutes until soft and watery, then squeeze out excess water. 3. Also, cut the pork and carrot into strips. Trim the bean sprouts at both ends if you prefer. Cut Chinese chive into 2 inches long. Cut shoga into thin strips. 4. Heat sesame oil in a frying pan, fry shoga until fragrant, add pork, carrot, bean sprouts, watermelon rinds, and Chinese chive in order. Add A and stir-fry until the seasonings blend, turn off the heat, add starch with the same amount of water, heat again to thicken the sauce, then sprinkle cracked black pepper to finish. ↓レシピ (日本語) cookpad.com ——————————— Enjoy 😀 Music by Noa Noa VIRTUAL INSANITY ♥Please Subscribe♥ www.youtube.com ♥Visit my
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