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Delivery shooting wasn’t for money: Swetha Menon

Delivery shooting wasn't for money: Swetha Menon

Youtube Tips & Tricks: mymoney7725.blogspot.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Delivery shooting wasn’t for money: Swetha Menon Southern babe Swetha Menon, who allowed the crew members of her upcoming Malayalam movie Kalimannu to shoot the delivery of her baby in a Mumbai hospital…
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First Turn Triple Shooting Quasar Dragon: Deck Profile With Explaination

First Turn Triple Shooting Quasar Dragon: Deck Profile With Explaination

A GUIDE TO THIS VIDEO 0:00 – Attention Grabber 0:03 Chinese Explaination begins 1:01 Into the void DEEP explanation 1:45 what goes through my head when I make deck changes 2:24 Machiney 2:30 English Begins 6:00 You really have to San Francisco Your way in there 6:07 My fan base 6:26 BOUNCE-IT BOUNCE-IT 7:04 Card Destruction 7:42 This game does not have enough broken cards 9:00 The locals I go to 9:12 If I only had another Dealings, rats nibbles. 9:38 I am going for Triple Quasar 9:56 Why you should run this many 10:19 Why I don’t run staples 11:19 Graveyard Explanation 11:35 Banished zone Explanation 12:20 I’d main heavy 12:48 Misconceptions about pot of avarice 13:11 Upstart Goblin is broken 13:59 A pro, nub tip 14:44 You’re Done 15:25 is it consistent? 15:44 How I feel when I only open 1 quasar 16:04 The parable of the Masterpiece 17:06 What most Masterpieces come out to be 17:39 The story of Fableds 18:36 And he got out a Shooting Quasar Dragon 19:17 Parable of the Masterpiece Cont. 21:55 Everyone elses Fabled Decks Blow 22:34 The Critical Misplay of First Turn DOUBLE Quasar 23:16 A peek at a terrible Gemini Rabbit Deck lol 24:40 The story of the Girl from “Girl Problems” 25:25 Which is another day 25:34 We’re going at it 26:26 Thunder King Rai Oh Gets a Triple before me 27:35 Where the stones came from 28:43 Where Thunder King got his ideas 28:59 He’s dropping stones on these Bitchess 30:21 How Billy Brake Operates 30:45 The stereotype of the rich player 31:03 Pure
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