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Social Media in Education, speaking to school administrators at ACTA Nai Wang

Social Media in Education, speaking to school administrators at ACTA Nai Wang

This presentation speaks to how 21st century students are multidimensional learners. School systems need to adopt social media tools to reach students in an environment they live in. Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads will be the education tool of the future. We address integrating Facebook for increasing community involvement and lifting the cell phone ban high school to increase participation and decrease cheating. Speaker Nai Wang from KP Education Systems tells of his vision of K-12 education in the near future with KP Compass. Poll everywhere was demonstrated as a free resource for teachers.
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Easy School Lunch Recipes, Lunch Box, How-To : Tamra Davis Cooking Show

In this show my husband and I make a healthy school lunch for our two kids. Hopefully you will find my suggestions useful and inspiring.Hungry Nation’s ‘Tamra Davis Cooking Show’ features great recipes for cooking delicious meals and food for your family. Tamra is a real Mom cooking real food. New episodes every Thursday. Website: www.tamradaviscookingshow.com Twitter: www.twitter.com

Midwest High School SIG Conference: Welcome and Opening Remarks

Presenters from the National High School Center, the Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center, and the US Department of Education welcome participants to the Midwest High School SIG Conference, held May 18-19, 2011 in Chicago, IL, and set the stage for the conference ahead. Joseph R. Harris- Director, National High School Center Barb Youngren- Director, Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center Carl Harris- Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, US Department of Education For more information, visit www.betterhighschools.org Disclaimer: These subtitles are generated by Google’s Machine Transcription Service, a voice recognition program. Due to variances in the quality of the recording, the voice recognition is not always accurate. As a result, some of the subtitles, particularly names or acronyms, may be incorrect. We apologize for any confusion or offense caused by inaccurate subtitles. For further clarification, please contact helpfor@betterhighschools.org. Thank you.