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Why Cooking Your Own Healthy Chinese Food at Home Makes Chinese Weight Loss the Right Choice

Does Chinese weight loss or any kind of weight loss program related to following a Chinese diet work at all? Magazines and books around the world are filled with articles and stories about using Chinese tea, herbs and even traditional Chinese medicine to help you lose weight. However, like most weight loss programs out there, there are a few things that you do need to keep in mind. Chinese weight loss is possible by following a traditional Chinese diet, no I am not talking about Chinese buffet food, and this really is the key to how most Chinese people manage to maintain a healthy weight regardless of their age. Eating right is the key to an effective Chinese diet program and you can make your own Chinese diet food easily once you know the basic principles to follow and the kind of food you should be cooking.

Balance is vital. Chinese meals follow this basic principal because it not only works but also makes perfect sense. If you visit any fast food restaurant, what will you see? Most of the time, you’ll see people eating meals that are completely out of balance. They have very few vegetables, if any at all, and usually a lot of meat. It makes sense that if you want to lose weight you need to be eating food that is not only healthy but also in the correct proportions. Too many people have grown up eating meals that consist of large chunks of meat and very little of anything else. It is no wonder that many find themselves overweight later on in life. Healthy, traditional Chinese meals have the correct portions of meat, vegetables and everything else that goes into making a proper weight loss diet plan.

Another point worth mentioning about the average Chinese person’s diet is that the bulk of the food they eat is not processed or prepared in advance. Everything they cook and eat is as natural as possible. Obviously this doesn’t mean they don’t splash out on things which aren’t exactly great for your body, MSG for example, but on the whole traditional Chinese food is as natural as it can be. It might not sound like much but if you are stuffing processed and prepared food into your body day in and day out, then trying to lose weight will be difficult at best. You are what you eat and the first step to losing weight is making sure you are eating right. Chinese people manage to stay so thin because their meals, on the whole, are as natural as possible.

The good news is that you don’t have to be Chinese to enjoy the benefits of Chinese weight loss or diets. You can easily cook healthy and great tasting Chinese food at home that will help you to plan your own diet and meal schedule. Healthy weight loss Chinese diet food doesn’t have to cost the Earth once you know how to cook it from your very own kitchen.

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Norman Yee @ Press Conference For Eric Mar: Foul Smell In The Richmond…Eric Has The Right Smell

San Francisco Board of Education President & candidate for Supervisor of District 7 (West of Twin Peaks), Norman Yee, speaks out for friend and colleague, Eric Mar, at a monster Chinese community press conference against the foul smelling, dirty campaign waged by Eric Mar’s opponent. Norman confidently points out that Richmond District 1 residents are smart and can “smell” out when things are right or wrong. He verifies that Eric has the “right smell.” @ Far East Restaurant in San Francisco Chinatown on November 2, 2012