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Places To Visit In San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the enchanting tourist destinations in America that draws hosts of visitors throughout the year. The Golden Gate Bridge, the landmark of San Francisco city, is one of the most spectacular bridges of the world. The climate of this city is salubrious and it is a pleasant place to be in during any part of the year. There are plenty of tourist attraction spots in San Francisco and it is wise to shortlist a few of the major ones, so that the intending visitors do not miss out on any.

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the tallest and most imposing bridges in the world and truly an architectural marvel. It is situated on the Highway 101 North and the famed Alcatraz and the Marin headlands are visible from the bridge and watching the sunrise and the sunset over them is a veritable optic feast. You must also visit the huge Golden Gate Park, spread over an area of 1,000 acres featuring the Stybing Arboretum, the Japanese tea gardens, Asian Art Museum, Morrison Planetarium etc.

Chinatown reflects the early 20th Century Chinese architecture and most of the structures here look like they were created just for the tourist. Nonetheless, you can get a glimpse of the authentic Chinese alleys and shops. Enter the fabulous Dragon’s Gate which is the entrance to China Town go to the Great Avenue that has a long chain of exotic shops, food markets, temples, tiny museums and restaurants with the tastiest Chinese food. You will suddenly feel you have been transported to China and forget the fact you are in San Francisco.

Pier 39 is the second most important tourist destination in California and a place no tourist should miss. The Pier 39 has several fun-filled attractions including the recently added Underwater World Aquarium. Along with Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square, Pier 39 much of the stereotypical San Francisco sights and it is said that no one has visited San Francisco who has not seen them all.

San Francisco is renowned for some of the exquisite beaches and arguably the best one is the Ocean Beach on the west edge of the city. This beach lies on the Pacific Ocean and being there to witness the clear waters and the clear skies is an exhilarating experience. The other attractive beaches are the China Beach and the Baker Beach – both situated at the Northern edge. There are water sports and swimming activities available on these beaches. No visit to San Francisco is deemed complete unless you have visited some of their fabulous beaches.

San Francisco is famous for its art museums and the premier art museums include The Palace of the Legion of Honor which holds an impressive collection of Rodin statues, including The Thinker, the M. H. de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, near the Convention Center south of Market Street.

Apart from all the major attractions of San Francisco, you should also not miss visiting the Union Square, the Alcatraz prison, the San Francisco Zoo, the Bay Bridge, the Exploratorium a modern, hands-on science museum and the Presido. Visits to these places will let you carry some memorable experiences back home. You can also do a lot of shopping, take cable rides all over the city, watch many entertainment shows and have a great vacation in San Francisco.

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Places To See In San Francisco

Tony Bennett’s song, I left my heart in San Francisco resonates the feeling of the city’s universal appeal. Visiting San Francisco can be exciting and exhilarating.

San Francisco is home to the infamous Silicon Valley. The city by the bay has a lot more to offer than hi-tech gadgetry though because it is also home to a legendary prison, Alcatraz.

Alcatraz was not really much of a destination back then but today, it is one of San Francisco’s most popular tourist attractions. It would be best however if you get tickets in advance to make sure you’d be able to see what it’s like inside Alcatraz. Another attraction in the area that should not be forgotten is the Golden Gate Bridge. The frequently photographed bridge is part of American history because it was the longest bridge of its kind on its completion in the late 30s.

Fisherman’s Wharf is one of San Francisco’s top tourist attractions. Hotels offer beautiful views of the city. Ghirardelli Square is also a great place to visit.

Just across the bay is Sausalito. You can take a ferry and enjoy some of the best spots in San Francisco. You can dine or browse artworks in one of the galleries in the area too, a bonus for art lovers and an educational side trip for the kids.

If you haven’t gotten enough just yet, stretch those tourist legs and go to downtown San Francisco. This is where you would see what locals refer to as the city’s moving landmark, the cable cars. If you are tired from all the walking, you can ride on the cable cars to get around the city and maybe even pass by Lombard, San Francisco’s crookedest street.

The Golden Gate Park is also an attraction to visit. It is not only San Francisco’s largest park but is dubbed as one of the top attractions in the area. You can relax in its Japanese Tea Garden or marvel at the beautiful blooms at the Conservatory of Flowers.

If you are into museums and the sciences, you can visit The Exploratorium. The Roman-style building boasts an outdoor rotunda and a lagoon, a great place to use your nifty shutter gadgets.

There are many things you can do while in town and many places to visit too but if you are in for something not so San Francisco, you should head to Chinatown and take a look at 20th century Chinese architecture. For a more authentic experience, you should walk through its alleys and sample San Francisco’s Chinese cuisine. Lots of merchandise is peddled here too and if you are familiar with the place, going there at night can be quite enjoyable.

Whether you are in San Francisco for some sightseeing or a business trip, going around town is always a delightful idea.

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5 Best Places for Indian Food in San Francisco

San Francisco is, without a doubt, a melting pot of culture and it is no surprise that it is a favourite tourist destination for those who wish to experience a variety of cultures all at one go. As a tourist, you can always be assured of flights to San Francisco from whatever destination you come from. If you do not get a direct flight, you needn’t worry as you can always get cheap flights to USA then connect to San Francisco. According to statistics, the Indian community has a very stable and large presence and at the same time, Indian tourists to San Francisco currently average at about a million per year. This obviously means that you will find a growing number of places catering to Indian cuisine. These five places indicated below float to the top of the best of Indian restaurants.


The first restaurant is called Dosa and is located on Filllmore Street. It is named after an Indian specialty which resembles a crepe made from rice and lentils with a rich stuffing of various herbs. With dishes ranging from prices as low as $ 4, you can experience as many tastes as possible because the restaurant actually encourages you to order several plates and eat as if you were at home with your family. You may need to call ahead of time to make reservations as there are defined lunch hours starting from 11.30AM to about 3PM and dinner hours from 5.30PM to around Midnight.


The Indian Oven restaurant is the second on our list of best places for Indian food in San Francisco and it is also located on Fillmore Street. The best part is that it does home deliveries which means you can easily visit the website where you can pick whatever you want online and have it brought over to you. Absolutely convenient!


Third, you can visit Little Delhi which is an Indian restaurant located on Eddy Street that promises an intense experience as it focuses on using genuine spices and ingredients to give you that authentic taste of Indian food. It also delivers food to you and the best part is that it does it free of charge for orders above $ 20!


Fourth, check out Gaylords India restaurant which is located in the Embarcadero Center and prides itself in being the oldest Indian eatery while also providing a feast for your eyes with some intricate and very beautiful Indian décor. With a great view of San Francisco’s historic waterfront, you will definitely have a memorable time.


Fifth, check out Rotee which is an Indian restaurant that also has some very beautiful and inviting ambiance and décor. At Rotee, it prides itself in making every meal from scratch to come up with seasonings, chutney and paneer with very distinct tastes to engage your palette. It is located on Howard Street and has prices as low as $ 2 which makes for a pocket friendly and very interesting eating experience.


Remember to specify how hot and spicy your dish should be as you order. This way, you can enjoy the tastes without being overwhelmed by spices and chillies normally used.



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