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Chinese Food Packaging Machinery Industry, The Brand Is Taking Shape

Chinese food packaging machinery industry is born in a market economy, free enterprise is basically a mix up.

The one hand, the early 80s last century our country has just entered the market economy, a number of small and medium enterprises will be at a loss to leave the national plan, companies are faced with great difficulties, some of the original manufacturing Machine tool , Farm machinery enterprises to packaging machinery, food manufacturing machinery development; In addition, because the market demand, some private enterprises are optimistic about the industry, in packaging and food machinery find a way out. In this case, the machinery industry in 1981 established the Department of packaging machinery in China Packaging Technology Association, the Committee, established in 1984 times, and the Food Industry Association China Food Machinery Association, September 1989 merger of the two two associations of Chinese food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association (national level associations with Shetuanfaren). As a starting point only true and accurate set up food and packaging machinery industry, as the Department of Mechanical Industry of 12 straight one of the industries.

Relative to China’s machinery industry, food and packaging machinery industry, 32 years later, it is a naive and industry, of course, rapid development, but there are also serious deficiencies, mainly in the following three aspects.

For enterprises of different origin (state-owned, collective, private), capital, equipment, technology strength are significant differences between high and low starting point there. The general trend is less the high starting point, most companies are hovering at a low level device. Good comparison for the simple automatic Sealing machine , A hundred of enterprises in the region had produced, size is not large, the last two decades have not changed much, only because of the specialization produced Ershi produced capital greatly reduced. While greater demand, but because Unity Region produced a large number of repeated, resulting in low-cost competition, a machine can be traded more than 1,000 yuan, the profit margin is very small. There are some products did not change the face of ten years (such as small liquid Filling machine ), Produced numerous enterprises, low-price competition caused by cutting corners, reducing steel, resulting in wear resistance, corrosion function greatly reduced. Some companies just follow behind others to see what kind of equipment do good, others make money at what equipment what equipment to counterfeit, without regard to intellectual property, another copy, which lead to market confusion. One entrepreneur said: “In the past I have engaged in new product every six months, someone with a kind of do not, forced me to quickly re-establish different. Now, my new high technology products, and others can not keep up, and I am also relieved. “

Recent export companies find business opportunities in foreign markets, some of the often indiscriminate investments to a number of products competing for customers themselves to kill each other, desperate to bargain, there is not only profitable “selling” the horse. Shows the concept of the industry still was not changed, may be poor and backward China over the past century has created a “simple product even a little coarse and heavy, as long as it is cheap, able to make do with on the line” mentality. To intervene in this state of mind of international market competition, the ultimate result in our products abroad, as against “selling” the investigation of the object, then the loss is not a business but the entire profession. Hopefully, the industry must guard against such malicious competition in the situation. Duplication is a relatively low level easy to do, once the high technology, and the potential for duplication natural to small. Produced low levels of repeat serious consequences caused by disruption of markets, technologies back, corporate suicide, industry damaged.

Because the industry is still an emerging industry with the industry than the total number of employees and enterprises, industry research institutes, tertiary institutions, the proportion of the corresponding professional is still more rare. Even if this predicament, after scientific research institutes to enterprises, most of its technical staff in the struggle for survival, many research institutions Sell Product-based, scientific research does not show his upper hand, so the application of new technologies arise from the faults. Even if there are new research results, because there is no ability to promotion, users do not know, can not be converted to produce power in a timely manner, while the company was forced to completely rely on its technology strength to develop new products.

Sales of scientific research out of touch not only caused great extravagance, is not conducive to technology to improve. Some pioneering work such as ultra-low temperature, high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical extraction, radiation, vacuum and other institutes of technology and equipment alone are unable to complete an urgent need for businesses to invest in capital.

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