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Music in Milwaukee

Music in Milwaukee is ailed by a lack of defined identity.  It is not simply that any mention of the Milwaukee music scene doesn’t cause any particular sound to come to mind.  It is that there really does not seem to be a group that captures the spirit of Milwaukee, a local group whose sound is unquestionably and uncompromisingly the audio portrait of the Thrillwaukee experience.

That seems to have been the case before The Pushers came to be.  Their direct interpretation of the Great Lakes blues tradition is honest, pulls no punches, and is equally fitting as theme music for a killer party in Bay View as it is seeping out the stereo on a lazy suburban day.  The music is pulsating with power, but it does not blatantly unleash it – Rather, it simmers underneath the a misleadingly calm and low key exterior.  There is something in there that a Brew City native instinctively understands.

The songs’ themes are inclined to to center around on mundane topic, but in a meaningful manner.  The band’s smash hit, and go-to hard-rocker ‘Heartbreaker’ combines blues slide playing and hard rock rock’n’roll to relate the musings of a notorious ladies’ man whose ability to make the ladies head-over-heels fall in love with him is at once a gift and a curse – the audience can’t tell if the protagonist is boasting or expressing regret as he describes the ever shifting lineup of women whose temporary obsession makes him forget that in spite of all appearances, he is painfully alone.

Principally contributing to the framework of The Pushers’ sound is Rogers’s guitar playing.  It is both  phenomenal yet low-profile – he slings catchy guitar licks and fiery solos alike with the identical purposeful subtlety, all under frontman Cooper’s defiant growl.  The singer, whose presence does not limit itself to just being the ideal representation of the everyman protagonist portrayed in the lyrics, wields a blues harp.  Not only does merely including a harmonica set The Pushers  apart from fellow regional heavy groups, the manner in which it maniacally scorches along with the guitar destroys any similarity to blues groups also.  The Pushers churn out tunes that are completely unrelated to other music in Milwaukee.

The rhythm section, bass player Blackburn and skinsman Cejka bite into seething slow mosh grooves, thunder out attention-grabbing breaks, and simply speed along, all without a hiccup or hesitation.  They build the type of backdrop that is often absent in the majority of of modern actual heavy music: rhythm that inspires people to actually want to get up and DANCE.  The popularity of a lot of music in Milwaukee is usually related to an act’s capacity to keep the bar and event hordes content, and The Pushers manage it without losing any of their integrity.  That is because their music so faultlessly captures the experience here, both the good times and the bad.

If you are searching for a perfect example of music in Milwaukee, look no further than The Pushers.  They’re the ones to watch over the coming years.

Jay T Michaels – Music discoverer and blogging enthusiast

Freddie Ravel – Tune UP to Success – Music Applied to Life, Artists at Google

Freddie Ravel - Tune UP to Success - Music Applied to Life, Artists at Google

Could there be more to the divine nature of Music than meets the ear? As Plato wrote; “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”, the world’s undisputed international language certainly has a bigger role to play than merely entertainment. Music is a multi-tasking power tool to help us navigate the complexity of the digital universe racing before us. When we apply Music’s core elements of Melody, Harmony and Rhythm to everyday challenges, a powerful tool for conflict resolution, problem solving and peak performance emerge revealing the profound connective force of what Music is to what business does. Based on decades of entrepreneurial and corporate training, scientific research and directing, producing and performing with many of the greatest music icons of our time, Freddie will share highlights of his music-based protocol that reveals that the structure of music is the structure of success and a vital application in our complex and often overwhelming personal and professional lives. Melody as leadership and vision, harmony as teamwork and collaboration, rhythm as management of time and assets . . . and the integration of the three to manifest a magnificent score. Freddie Ravel has produced, performed and recorded across six continents with luminaries like Madonna, Prince, the Boston Pops, Earth, Wind and Fire, Al Jarreau and Carlos Santana, among others. His solo career has earned him the coveted “#1” spot on
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Neukom Institute presents Ge Wang: Music, Computing, People

Music, Computing, People: An Emerging Dimension for Engaging One Another Creatively, Expressively, and Socially. The computer, in its many shapes and sizes, is evolving rapidly and pervading our everyday lives like never before. Mobile computing devices have become much more than simply “mobile”, increasingly serving as personal and “natural” extensions of us. Therein lies immense potential to reshape the way we think and interact, and especially in how we engage one another creatively, expressively, and socially. This talk explores interaction and social design for music through the computer, told through laptop orchestras, mobile phone orchestras, an audio programming language, designing the iPhone’s Ocarina, ecosystems for crowd-sourcing musical creation, and an emerging social dimension where computer, music, and people interact. Ge Wang is an Assistant Professor at Stanford University in the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), and researches programming languages and interactive software systems for computer music, mobile and social music, and education at the intersection of computer science and music. Ge is the author of the ChucK audio programming language, the founding director of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) and of the Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra (MoPhO). Concurrently, Ge is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Smule, and the designer of the iPhone’s Ocarina and Magic Piano.
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Chinese New Year Music Express Sound and Lighting Fresno Wedding DJs DJ

Happy Chinese New Year! The Central California Chinese Cultural Association put on a wonderful New Year’s show and celebration. They featured martial arts, singing, dancing, food, and talented hosts. Music Express provided the sound and lighting for this celebration. They produced the show along with the association. We are the wedding dj that is the right choice for your ceremony and reception. We have professionally trained djs for you and all the weddings where we perform. Don’t just hire some guy that doen’t have experience or training to be the entertainment on the most important day or your life. Getting experienced, professionally trained, and djs that care is of the utmost importance for you and your big day! We can create an amazing atmosphere for your reception if you include our gobo lights, which put your name in lights, along with our uplighting. Do yourself a favor and hire the djs that will make your wedding event great. You will spend a tremendous amount of time looking for the right venue, caterer, photographer, wedding dress, tuxedo, etc. Make sure you properly evaluate high quality wedding djs for your wedding reception and ceremony. You want your guests to be saying that this is best wedding that they have been to in years! Music Express serves the following cities: Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Carmel, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Bay Area, Sacramento, Modesto, Merced, Madera
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The Cantonese Music Research Association playing on Broadway, San Francisco, California, USA

After walking down Chinatown, we reached Broadway and found the Cantonese Music Research Association playing outside the New Sun Hong Kong Restaurant. A very impressive sight and wonderful to hear such authentic music played on a variety of Chinese musical instruments. Pre Westernization instruments consisted mainly of “GoWu” a 2 stringed bow hi pitched instruments exclusively used by the Head Musician or “Tau Gar”, “Jong Wu” a string bow instrument one octave below the “GoWu”, “Yanquin” or (Chinese hammered dulcimer), Pipa pear shaped string plucking instrument, Large or middle “Ruan”, also known as moon guitar, a pluck string instrument providing bass notes, plus an assortment of “Dizi’s” (Flutes) and “Sor Lap” wind instruments and traditional chinese percussion instruments. Percussion wise a head percussionist would lead two to three other percussionist playing an assortment of oriental wooden blocks, cymbals, gongs, clappers, bells, wind gongs and drums. Filmed using the Sony HDR-HC9 HDV1080i High Definition Handycam.
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