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The Moment Of Our Greatest Crises-Lyndon Larouche’s October 5th, 2012 Webcast

Lyndon Larouche’s October 5th, 2012 Webcast ANALOGY Intelligence Vs. Stupidity is analogues to choosing an Economic System that benefits the Whole of Humanity vs. An Economic System that benefits the Few Elite at the top. Which would you choose? OTHER COMPARISONS : -a National Banking System vs. Central Banking System -a system of Free enterprise vs. A system of population control -Fair and free Elections vs. Fixed Elections -Social Freedom vs. Social Slavery -Technology Progression vs. Technology Suppression -Value in future physical attributes of production Vs. Value in Money – Economy based on human progress vs. Economy based on numbers -Minimum Taxation vs. Imposing Taxation -Education of Enlightenment vs. Education of Conformity -A Credit System vs. A Monetary System -An Open Future Orientation vs. Restriction to the Status Quo -Based on Science and Natural law vs. Rejection of Science & Natural law -Governed by Sovereign Nation States vs. Rule by an Oligarchical Principle -Space Mission to Mars and Beyond Vs. No Space exploration ambitions -THE PRINCIPLE OF PHYSICAL ECONOMY VS AUSTRIAN SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS –
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