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Jessie Price – EatingWell – One Pot Meals – ! Talk to Editor in Chief – Jessie Price…

With the thick of winter months upon us — how many of you get into the Crockpot or big Soups? For a new twist on both taste and creativity here are some ideas for ONE POT meals that will excite the pocketbook, help stave off the biting cold, salivate your taste-buds and even help with the age old new year’s resolution of the shrinking waistline… Start the New Year in great shape! From the 2011 James Beard Award-winning authors of The Simple Art of EatingWell Cookbook EatingWell ~ One-Pot Meals by Jessie Price & the EatingWell Test Kitchen Of all the New Year’s resolutions that we make, the most popular one is: “to lose weight” Whether by exercise or a better diet or both, it’s not a bad idea. But why each year do more than two-thirds of us totally fail to accomplish what we resolve? Is it a flaw in how we approach the goal? Or is it doomed long before that? When it comes to improving your diet, popular logic says, “Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables!” And good recipes abound for ways to zest up what comes from your summer garden. The problem is, it’s January. To say nothing of the quality of grocery-bought summer veggies in the middle of winter, when you’re wrapped in blankets and sweaters, given a choice between a refrigerated mixed salad and that impossibly delicious-smelling casserole finishing up in the oven, you know which one you’re having for dinner. Don’t even lie. So why can’t you have your casserole and eat it, too? The good news: you can. From Jessie Price

Square Meals – Square Meals, Series 02 – Episode 15

It’s a fishy themed Square Meals today as resident chef Mary Contini of Valvona & Crolla shows Janice how to grill tuna, cod and plaice in a Sicilian style with lemon and oregano sauce, followed by a chocolate roulade. Meanwhile guest chef Ferrier Richardson visits a Chinese supermarket before using his purchases to make marinated chicken and stir fry vegetables with orange glaze. Square Meals is a healthy eating cookery show presented by Janice Forsyth, where each week she hosts a different chef.