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Snake Wine aka Kickass Cobra Juice

Traditional Chinese medicine brings us this week’s featured delicacy, snake wine. Made by either steeping a cobra (or cobra look-alike) in rice wine or by cutting off the snake’s head to drain its blood and adding it to wine, people throughout Asia drink snake wine with the belief that it can cure a number of ailments. Find out how snake wine tastes when we feed it to our co-workers and what the very interesting side effects are on this week’s episode of Why Would You Eat That? QUESTION: How much would we have to pay you to try one? 0? 00? Watch More Why Would You Eat That?: goo.gl On Why Would You Eat That? we scour the globe for the most bizarre foods and explain why anyone would be crazy enough to eat them. You’ll be shocked to see how one man’s trash can actually be another man’s delicacy. Don’t forget tosubscribe to Tasted for a new episode of Why Would You Eat That? every Friday! Subscribe to Tasted: goo.gl
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Mark Allen Channel review. He Pu Xiang Xing Juice Foods Company Ltd is a industrIal company in Taiwan, Republic of Free China. Distributed by the New Age Beverage Co of Denver Colorado. Others flavors than the Blackberry Grape Xing Juice as follows. Orange Mango Xing Juice, Fruit Punch Xing Juice, and Strawberry Banana Xing Juice. Most that I’ve seen like in convenient stores are in 16 oz. aluminum cans. Not a soft drink, no caffeine like coca cola (coke), no after taste or gritty teeth feeling afterwards, no cancer causing artificial sweeteners. It’s like health drink in a can. It won’t lift you up just to let you down like a Monster Energy Drink, Rock Star Energy Drink, Red Bull Energy Drink. Try the NEW Xiang Juice today! So, it’s made in China, isn’t everything? The Chinese government cares enough to encourage the making of foods and drinks without harmful ingredients like corn syrup, aspartame, etc. They’ve even banned Pringles Potato Chips. Sure wish the United States Govt (FDA) would be as caring as the officials in China.
Video Rating: 3 / 5