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Chinese Milk Enterprises Will Face The Test Of What? Mengniu Guess The New Era – Mengniu, Milk

Football is round, milk is white, this is a simple fact, but on July 7 dairy industry boss Mengniu With the local 500 COFCO joint, the dairy industry what will change? Dairy industry is not been the steady rise? Ordinary consumers, what kind of milk you can drink a new taste? The mainstream of China’s future consumption of milk is what? New ” Food Safety Law “Chinese milk enterprises will face the test of what?

A series of problems have shown that, despite only a cup of white milk, but the second half of 2009 Dairy Market, there will be more changes and color.

Capital of the war, the strong Always the Winner
7 7, Mengniu and COFCO have formed a strategic Cooperation Partnership, COFCO joint Magnolia Fund will invest 6.1 billion dollar acquisition of a 20% stake in Mengniu, China Mengniu grain will thus become the largest single shareholder.

This partnership, once again confirms the strong dairy Always the Winner of the phenomenon, a securities analyst in the food that will be synergy with Mengniu, Mengniu injection of funds into the industry may be bigger and better corporate structure is conducive to enterprise internationalization; while the grain itself as the world top 500 enterprises, the income of its dairy boss for the construction of the whole food industry chain strategy, also increased a great bargaining chip.

Mengniu shares for the significance of grain, Niu Gensheng This conclusion is “three”: food safety more internationalized, more global integration of strategic resources, Raw material More integration of the product. This indicates that the food “from farm to fork” security system and national integration in the global food resources in the process of building a global network, will be used to Mengniu, which makes Mengniu’s food safety system has been updated higher, but also consumer confidence standpoint?? international platform.

More experts indicate, “the food, serving Chinese food are also integrated,” but the last of the Integration of food grain has been “missing piece” that “baby food”?? Milk. The co-operation in food and Mengniu, also in the grain to make inroads into “baby food” in the field of a signal.

Other dairy brands also seeking change in the situation, Beijing Ternary M Hebei Sanlu just ended, and Shanghai are also changes in the light of the shares. In order to franchise the main industry, the actual holding of the leadership that will be years after the equity transfer of light.

From a second-tier of view, by far the largest acquisition of Heilongjiang Wanda Beland 51% stake, this process in just one month, showing a bigger and stronger determination.

Change from this capital, we can see that the market is always a sensitive sense of smell, each dairy companies are seeking to stabilize the well, enabling up to stabilize the situation, but the company’s strength and size is different for partners with different paths, also chose a different development results, the market will eventually be the strongest to the resources and structure the best business tilt. Wise

gossip stop Market analysts said, since the opening up of capital markets should be a fair competition in the market, by means of malicious slander and false charges to discredit the normal market behavior so as much. In fact, since the grain Mengniu marriage was announced, the question on the lack of sound, directed mostly directed at Mengniu, that their management would like to withdraw from those who have the paper money, that the funds were there of strand breaks, Mengniu trees that hold those who are wearing the red top. However, these voices are convincing because there is not enough rational voices were covered. Thus, the Voice of challenge in turn point to the food.

7 afternoon of 22, 1 “in Liang Ning, chairman of learning has been suspended,” the report spread quickly on the Internet, the paper speculated that the source was suspended Ning Mengniu shares. However, a lie is a lie after all, a few hours later, Ning himself out of the rumor, saying that the rumors unfounded, and legal means to defend its reputation in the food.

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