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2005, The First Brand Of Chinese

“The presentation ceremony, Hope Group Suniland converter granted by the Chinese Association of Automation,” 2005 The first Chinese-made inverter Brand “Special Award. Vice president of Chinese Association of Automation, Chinese Military Academy and the Chinese General Sun Bailin researcher Machinery Industry Federation Executive Vice President of Jewson s hope for the continent group president Dr. Chen Bin awarded medals and certificates. And “Suniland” also received special awards were Siemens Be “International Cooperation Prize.”

Event as the field of automation in China, “China’s automation industry in the New Century” campaign organized by the Chinese Association of Automation, China aims to record and comment on every step of the development of automation industry, recognizes make an important contribution to its development of individuals and businesses, a comprehensive display of the automation of product innovation, a thorough analysis of successful cases of industry solutions and applications, the establishment of automation “annual news”, “Annual great news,” “New Year “and other awards.

This event, review group headed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wu Hongxin Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Professor, “Control Science and Engineering” discipline PhD supervisor Professor Jin Yihui, and other famous experts, open selection , online voting, a combination of expert evaluation of judges.

Made in view of Suniland inverter as the inverter, “leader” to promote the development of the industry in China inverter made outstanding contributions. From 1998 listed the first Suniland converter to the present, Suniland adhere to technological innovation, market innovation, management innovation, in order to cast the brand quality products and services to revitalize the Chinese mission frequency industry, has introduced 8 series products, the cumulative hundreds of thousands of units sold, Sell Amount and market share ahead, the cumulative energy savings 26,000,000,000 kwh, resulting Energy Benefits equivalent to 10 million tons of standard coal, equivalent to a have more than 280 million households in the city ten years of life Electricity (According to the average monthly consumption per household of 75 calculation). Meanwhile, the total reduction of carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 24,563,400 tons, has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, universal frequency control technology in China to promote energy-saving technological transformation and promote the development of China’s automation industry has made outstanding contributions. “Suniland converter?? China inverter technology experts” have been highly recognized by the community, the pride of China’s conversion industry! Review Group decided to grant “in 2005 the first Chinese-made converter brand” Special Award. Meanwhile, the Suniland inverter 2005’s “Suniland frequency, energy saving in China” series won the “Annual Press Award”, launched “Suniland SB50 economy, smart inverter,” won the “New Year Award.”

The meeting, as a special guest, Chen Bin, president participated in the launch of this event and award ceremony for the ” Shenzhou VI “Dr. Hu Jun, vice chief designer presented the” Youth Innovation Award. “

The meeting also held a “business leaders to promote China’s” high-level forum, the mainland hopes the Group CEO Dr. Chen Bin was entitled “path of innovation to energy-saving mission?? From Suniland Chinese Frequency development of the industry “speech; Siemens Automation and Drives Group President Ho Vic, Belgium Engineering Co., Ltd. Beijing and often force the king, president, general manager of Nanjing Phoenix Gu six founding companies such as the” Innovation and Conservation “as the theme released wonderful speech.

From all over the country’s leading experts in the automation industry, excellent representatives of businesses, nearly 200 people attended the event. CCTV, Jiangsu TV station “Yangzi Evening News,” “Modern Express,” “Nanjing Morning”, “Jinling Evening News”, “converter in the world,” ” Metallurgy Automation “,” Machinery and Electronic Products Market, ” Industrial Net 30 more than the media witnessed the event.

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Eight Most Popular Chinese food for foreigners in China( First Four)

China is abundant in tourism sources. Delicious Chinese foods are indispensable in a good tour. With long history, unique features, numerous styles and exquisite cooking, Chinese Cuisine is one important constituent part of Chinese culture. Chinese dishes are famous for color, aroma, taste, meaning and look. Following are the most eight popular dishes among foreigners and Chinese. For customers’ convenience, we also list their Chinese names and English pronunciations. These eight dishes are Sweet and Sour Pork (Chicken), Gong Bao Chicken, Ma Po Tofu, Wonton, Dumplings, Spring Rolls, Chow Mein and Peking Duck. These dishes are available in most large restaurants in China. Since China is so beautiful and Chinese food is so delicious, taking a Chinese Food Tour is a good way to taste these tasty delicacies and enjoy beautiful scenic spots in China.

1. Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and sour pork has bright color of orange red, and a delicious taste of sweet and sour. At the very beginning there is only Sweet and Sour Pork, to meet more demands, there are some developments on this dish. Now, the pork can be intended by other ingredients like chicken, beef and pork ribs.

2. Gongbao Chicken

It is a famous Sichuan-style specialty both popular in Chinese and foreigners. The major ingredients are diced chicken, dried chili, and fried peanuts. People in western countries even created a western-style Gong Bao Chicken, that the diced chicken is coved with cornstarch, and vegetables, sweet sauce and mashed garlic are added.

3. Ma Po Tofu

Ma Po Tofu is one of the most famous dishes in Chuan Cuisine with a history more 100 years. Ma (麻) is a spicy and hot taste which comes from pepper powder, one kind of condiment usually used in Chuan Cuisine. The milky tofu is enriched with brownish red ground beef and chopped green onion, it is really a tasty delicacy.

4. Wonton

Since Tang Dynasty (618–907), it is a custom for people eating Wonton in winter solstice (a solar term always occurs on December 21 or 22 each year in the Northern Hemisphere, and June 20 or 21 in the Southern Hemisphere). The most versatile shape of wonton is simple right triangle, similar to Italian tortellini. Wontons are commonly boiled and served in soup or sometimes deep-fried. The filling of wonton can be minced pork or diced shrimp.


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Authors@Google: David Graeber, DEBT: The First 5000 Years

DEBT: The First 5000 Years While the “national debt” has been the concern du jour of many economists, commentators and politicians, little attention is ever paid to the historical significance of debt. For thousands of years, the struggle between rich and poor has largely taken the form of conflicts between creditors and debtors—of arguments about the rights and wrongs of interest payments, debt peonage, amnesty, repossession, restitution, the sequestering of sheep, the seizing of vineyards, and the selling of debtors’ children into slavery. By the same token, for the past five thousand years, popular insurrections have begun the same way: with the ritual destruction of debt records—tablets, papyri, ledgers; whatever form they might have taken in any particular time and place. Enter anthropologist David Graeber’s Debt: The First 5000 Years (July, ISBN 978-1-933633-86-2), which uses these struggles to show that the history of debt is also a history of morality and culture. In the throes of the recent economic crisis, with the very defining institutions of capitalism crumbling, surveys showed that an overwhelming majority of Americans felt that the country’s banks should not be rescued—whatever the economic consequences—but that ordinary citizens stuck with bad mortgages should be bailed out. The notion of morality as a matter of paying one’s debts runs deeper in the United States than in almost any other country. Beginning with a sharp critique of economics (which since

First Turn Triple Shooting Quasar Dragon: Deck Profile With Explaination

First Turn Triple Shooting Quasar Dragon: Deck Profile With Explaination

A GUIDE TO THIS VIDEO 0:00 – Attention Grabber 0:03 Chinese Explaination begins 1:01 Into the void DEEP explanation 1:45 what goes through my head when I make deck changes 2:24 Machiney 2:30 English Begins 6:00 You really have to San Francisco Your way in there 6:07 My fan base 6:26 BOUNCE-IT BOUNCE-IT 7:04 Card Destruction 7:42 This game does not have enough broken cards 9:00 The locals I go to 9:12 If I only had another Dealings, rats nibbles. 9:38 I am going for Triple Quasar 9:56 Why you should run this many 10:19 Why I don’t run staples 11:19 Graveyard Explanation 11:35 Banished zone Explanation 12:20 I’d main heavy 12:48 Misconceptions about pot of avarice 13:11 Upstart Goblin is broken 13:59 A pro, nub tip 14:44 You’re Done 15:25 is it consistent? 15:44 How I feel when I only open 1 quasar 16:04 The parable of the Masterpiece 17:06 What most Masterpieces come out to be 17:39 The story of Fableds 18:36 And he got out a Shooting Quasar Dragon 19:17 Parable of the Masterpiece Cont. 21:55 Everyone elses Fabled Decks Blow 22:34 The Critical Misplay of First Turn DOUBLE Quasar 23:16 A peek at a terrible Gemini Rabbit Deck lol 24:40 The story of the Girl from “Girl Problems” 25:25 Which is another day 25:34 We’re going at it 26:26 Thunder King Rai Oh Gets a Triple before me 27:35 Where the stones came from 28:43 Where Thunder King got his ideas 28:59 He’s dropping stones on these Bitchess 30:21 How Billy Brake Operates 30:45 The stereotype of the rich player 31:03 Pure
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My First YouTube Video | Who is Chopstix n Fork?

Hi YouTubers! This is my first YouTube video. I just started my 2013 resolution (which I will talk about in my next video), so if you like it, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! Thanks! Follow me below: Website | chopstixnfork.com Instagram | http Twitter | twitter.com Facebook | facebook.com Foursquare | foursquare.com Keek | keek.com Pinterest | pinterest.com Flickr | flickr.com
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Great Educational Video of 5 Year Old What to Expect First Time at Dentist Not Scary

Krystal is 5 year old, this is her first time experience at the dentist. We had such a great experience that I wanted to share with all of you who have kids or are nervous about the anticipation of the unknown. I feel this video will help prepare your child to see that going to the dentist is NOT scary. I view it more like an educational field trip. We learned a lot about how teeth grow, what happens when you have a cavity and how to brush your teeth properly. I hope this video will help your family make their first time experience a not so scary and great one 🙂
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