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Healthy Eating When Dining Out – Don’t Abandon Your Diet

Americans love eating out — and there’s no reason why
it can’t be healthy eating. But watch for hidden fat and
calories! New healthcare legislation will require that big
restaurant chains put calorie info on the menu, starting some
time in 2011. But you can’t always find out the amount of calories,
fat, or salt in your food. So follow these ordering tips to make sure
you stay within your healthy diet.

1.Some Fats Are Good for You

Monounsaturated fats: Substituted for saturated fats in your diet,
they help lower bad LDL cholesterol and don’t reduce good HDL cholesterol.
Found in canola oil, olive oil, olives, avocados, nuts, and nut butters.

Polyunsaturated fats: Help lower cholesterol. Found in fatty fish, vegetable oils,
and nuts and sunflower seeds.

2. Fish Is Good for Your Heart

Fish is a healthy choice when dining out. Ordering seafood such as salmon
and tuna adds omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. They are a type of polyunsaturated
fat that helps lower your heart disease risk. You’ll also find omega-3s in walnuts
and edamame (soybeans).

3.Avoid Fried Foods and Added Cheese

Eating out often means getting too much saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and calories.
How can you spot the dangers? Saturated fats come mostly from meat and dairy foods.
Tropical oils like palm oil and coconut oil, and butter are also saturated fats.
Cholesterol is found in animal fats. Primarily the saturated fat and the cholesterol
in the foods you eat increase your cholesterol levels.

4.Have a Heart

Some restaurants have tuned into heart-healthy eating. They offer low-fat, low-salt,
low-cholesterol menu items, designated with a heart icon.

Don’t confuse this with the favorites icon. That can be a flag for popular, fatty choices.
One delicious heart-healthy option: A grilled fish filet, a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

In restaurants where food is cooked to order, you can make special requests for lighter fare.
If you’re counting calories — or keeping an eye on saturated fat, cholesterol, or sodium — tell your server.
Ask what’s in a dish. Find out how it’s cooked. A chef can often prepare food using less oil, no butter,
or no added salt. If there is sauce, salad dressing, or gravy, get it on the side. Then you can
dip — or skip — and use less.

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6. Clues to Unhealthy Dishes

Concerned about high cholesterol, diabetes, or losing weight? Read menus carefully.
Thumbs Down:

Fried, au gratin, braised, buttered, creamed, escalloped
Hollandaise, cheese, or cream sauce
In gravy, pan-fried or -roasted, rich, in butter sauce.

7. Clues to Healthy Nutrition
Grilled chicken vs. fried chicken. Broiled fish vs. fried fish. When dining out, look for
possible code words to healthier food with less saturated fat.

Thumbs Up:

Baked, broiled, grilled
Poached, roasted, steamed
In its own juice, garden fresh

8. Cutting Fat Can Help Weight Loss

Ask your server about healthy substitutions:

A vegetable or fruit instead of French fries
Skinless chicken that’s broiled instead of fried
Low-fat milk for your coffee, instead of cream

9. Lean Choices
If you’re counting calories and saturated fat, hamburgers, rib eye, porterhouse,
or T-bone steaks don’t score well.

Thumbs Up:

Barbeque or grilled chicken, pot roast, meat loaf
London broil, filet mignon, flank steak, sirloin tip, tenderloin
Seafood, boiled shrimp, oysters on the half shell

10. Healthy Chinese Food
Thumbs Down: Egg rolls, egg drop soup, fried wontons, Lo Mein, Moo Shu,
General Tso’s Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, and fried rice. They are prepared
with lots of oil, sodium, and MSG.

Thumbs Up: Steamed or stir-fried seafood, chicken, bean curd, or
vegetable dishes — plus steamed rice — for heart health. If possible,
ask the cook to use less oil, soy sauce, and MSG.

Article by WebMD, LLC

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Mall poem, about fast food, by Peter Menkin

Mall poem, about fast food, by Peter Menkin

As at the mall masses of food style junk, we eat American…(2001) poem by Peter Menkin ________________________________________ People eating at the mall, see them do so with tastes for tacos, MacDonald Meals, Chinese specials, Pizza and air baked french fries. Enough foods like junk; I ask where is the hamburger, or hot dog. A man sitting across from me eats a sunday with ice cream in the bottom and syrup atop all in a tall papercup confessing he is a diabetic and cheating his body, not immune to sugars but carnival like drawn to join the rest who like me line up for American foods overpriced. How do we survive this stuff that we put in our bodies, filling open mouths like hords yearning for fast junk food akin to pesty excellent restaurants whose specialty is good service and excellent design in elegant yummies eaten fashionably by style. Food as art. We do love to sit and eat even a bowl of soup, in a good restaurant, or as at the mall masses of industrial design for imbibing Orange Julius or Burrito Supreme .39 and prices for a whole meal. To go or here is the question asked. Mall food, fast ubiquitous–just junk, fascinating obsession to fill stomachs.
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How to Make Sauerkraut, Fast, #1 Part, Delicious and Healthy, Easy Instructions

VERY IMPORTANT information about how to make Sauerkraut !! This way is fast and delicious. My Printable Ebook with sauerkraut and cabbage roll recipes is available at www.gingerbread-cottage.com .99 Sauerkraut has been home made for centuries, if not thousands of years. My family has certainly made it for centuries in Transylvania and I have made Sauerkraut with my mother and grand mother, who taught me how. The shredded cabbage needs to be compressed in the crock pot in order to release the juices and to better start the fermentation process. The more pressure is applied to the cabbage, the more the cell structure of the cabbage is destroyed, releasing the fermentable juices and this produces Sauerkraut in about 2 – 3 weeks. Traditionally this was ALWAYS most effectively done in large oak barrels or crock pots and ALWAYS by stepping on the shredded cabbage with VERY WELL SCRUBBED AND WASHED BARE FEET. Also grapes for wine making used to be crushed the same way by steeping on them with bare feet. This makes fantastic Sauerkraut! You can NEVER apply the same pressure by just pressing the cabbage down with your fists! If you don’t use this method, you have to add quite a bit of lightly salted water, which waters the juice down and the cabbage tends to rot and you get “rotten cabbage tea” rather than fermented Sauerkraut. Actually in autumn there were special get-togethers of the young people for the purpose of punching down the cabbage for Sauerkraut or the grapes for
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