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Family Holidays In San Francisco

Family holidays to the San Francisco and greater Bay Area are fun and affordable for all ages with plenty to see and do for the kids. Family-friendly and priced just right, affordable all inclusive San Francisco holidays offer world class dining, shopping and special surprises for the youngest visitors.

1. Wet and Wild Water Parks
Kids love a good splash, and the Bay Area has two major water parks to beat the heat. Water World is located in nearby Concord and has thrill rides to include the Tornado, a 75 foot drop on a four person river raft. Kiddie and family rides abound in a serene Hawaiian style tropical paradise to please the most discriminating water park enthusiast. Raging Waters in San Jose is another excellent choice with dozens of family-friendly attractions and all day fun.

2. Roaring Camp Railroads
Take a journey with a blast to the past on vintage trains through the scenic Redwood Forest on a 14 passenger steam engine beauty. The train ride travels to the summit of Bear Mountain complete with a tour guide and lecture of the region’s rich history. The Santa Cruz Beach Train is one of the oldest lines in California, running to Redwood’s State Park and ending at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk at the sand.

3. Aquarium at the Bay
Stroke the stingrays, visit exotic sea life and challenge your skills at the Exploratorium for a full day excursion at one of the finest marine centres in the States. Education and appreciation for these fascinating sea creatures is top priority at the Aquarium at the Bay.

4. San Francisco Zoo
More than just a zoo, this San Francisco facility is jammed packed with interactive events and work shops to include child-friendly zip lines, the “living classroom” and a host of all your favourite critters to meet up-close and personal.

5. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum
3D attractions, video clips, mirror mazes and live shows make Ripley’s the weird and wacky way to celebrate what’s different and learn something you didn’t know before.

6. Bay Area Discovery Museum
The touch and feel hands-on exhibits opens a new level of understanding to young minds in the fields of science and discovery suitable for kids of all ages. Lookout Cove is a two and half acre outdoor playground recreating some of the most famous sites of San Francisco and younger ones will enjoy the Tot Spot geared for toddlers and younger.

7. Chabot Space and Science Centre
Situated on prime property overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Chabot Space and Science Centre provides a rich educational and interactive workshop to learn about the life of astronauts at Beyond Blastoff, the cosmos and planetarium at the Mayan Skies exhibit, A Moon Odyssey to explore, you guessed it, the moon, and Destination Universe to unlock the mysteries of black holes, distant galaxies, and how they all came to be.

8. Cartoon Art Museum
Visitors of all ages will appreciate this state-of-the-art museum dedicated to the concept and construction of cartoons, video games, comic strips and more. Join the fun with Storybook Fun Day to meet with professional cartoonist and create your own unique story that comes to life before your eyes.

9. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Located in nearby Vallejo, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is action packed adventure with rides for all ages, animal attractions and all day fun in the sun.

10. Children’s Fairyland
Bring your inquisitive little ones into a place where literary characters and classic fairy tales come to life with live shows, petting zoos, puppet shows and family-friendly rides for all ages. Bedtime stories will never be the same when your child has met and explored his or her favorite story time classic tales in this one of kind San Francisco attraction.


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Planning Healthy Family Recipes

You might think that healthy family recipes are going to be hard to make and expensive. With the current economic climate meaning that many families are increasingly feeling the pinch you will learn how you can feed your family with healthy food, without breaking the bank.

The following are some of the things you should look out for when planning healthy recipes to feed your family.

Healthy Family Recipes – Make From Scratch

If you are planning your healthy family recipes on a budget, it can sometimes be difficult to afford the fresh ingredients needed to make everything from scratch. It can also be a time consuming process, which is why many people resort to ready-made meals and processed foods.

However, buying tinned and frozen products can often be a false economy. Inspecting the labels of processed foods will often reveal that they are full of low-quality ingredients, additives and preservatives, which mean that they are far from a healthy option. Shop around for the best deals on fruit and veg, and you will often find that you can produce your own, healthy family recipes which are a lot more nutritious, and you exactly what the ingredients are.

Healthy Family Recipes – Plan In Advance

Planning is the key to successfully producing healthy family recipes as it will allow you to make the most of your ingredients and stretch them that bit further. For example, if you make spaghetti bolognaise and have some left over sauce, why not freeze it and then use it to make a lasagne later in the week? It may seem like an old-fashioned concept but investing in some freezer-proof storage boxes can help you to save leftovers and dramatically cut your food bills.

Healthy Family Recipes – Visit Your Local Shops

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of going to the supermarket, but you may be surprised at the quality and affordability of produce from your local greengrocers or butchers. With local stores you are not paying for packaging and can be less tempted by the array of processed goods you will find in your supermarket. Also, you can feel good about helping local producers rather than lining the pockets of the supermarket giants.

Healthy Family Recipes – Grow Your Own Produce!

Even if you’re not in the slightest bit green-fingered you might be surprised to learn how easy it is to grow your own vegetables. By growing your own, you can reduce your shopping bills, and ensure that your family is eating totally organic produce. It’s a win-win situation!

Whether you want to eat healthily for financial reasons, to lose weight or you want your children to have the best start in life and not eat lots of processed food, you’ll find that many healthy family recipes are easy to make and aren’t expensive.  Why not start today?

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Healthy And Cheap Recipes For Your Family

What mom doesn’t want to find healthy and cheap recipes to serve her family? In today’s world, it is getting harder and harder to find good affordable food that you can actually serve to your kids. Junk food is usually cheaper and of course, it’s also easier to whip up or just buy and serve. This has created a society where children struggle with obesity and parents are constantly in a battle over healthy food.

Healthy food doesn’t have to cost a lot, but you do need to be willing to prepare it yourself. The premade meals that are so common these days are expensive, particularly if they are healthy, so look for your own recipes and you will be able to change the way your family eats while on a budget.

Healthy and cheap recipes are actually not difficult to find. Places like TheGourmetMama.com offer quick and easy recipes that you can whip up in no time and on a budget. However, you can also create your own.

If you understand the basics of meal planning, including a protein, vegetable, and grain, you can come up with your own recipe. A grain base such as rice or pasta is a great way to start. Then work on a topping that incorporates vegetables and protein. Sautéing onions, celery and garlic will get you off to a good start for any sauce. Add tomatoes or cream for a pasta sauce, or include some meat or beans as a protein.

There’s really no reason not to experiment with the various combinations that your family has enjoyed in the past. If they liked spaghetti and meatballs, try the same thing with different veggies, blend cooked broccoli or spinach into the sauce or add some squash puree for creaminess and added nutrition without having to pay huge sums of money.   

Healthy eating really doesn’t require a lot. You can even make perfectly balanced meals from canned food, all you need to do is plan ahead a bit. Chop up a cooked chicken breast and add it to a simple broth, along with chopped carrots and parsley and you have a very simple, yet healthy meal. Ad some beaten egg and you up the protein content without spending more than a few pennies.

You’ll find that many healthy and cheap recipes are really very simple. There’s no need to get very complicated . . . a simple meal of rice with beans and a little flavoring can be just what you need for a quick and easy dinner and it can feed your family for just a dollar or two, depending on whether you buy canned beans or opt to cook your own.

Healthy and cheap recipes combined with meal planning on a budget can really make all the difference in your family’s health and happiness. Everyone will be happier when they enjoy proper, healthy food that is prepared in the home and you don’t need a ton of time to manage it.

Looking for healthy and cheap recipes? TheGourmetMama.com has plenty of quick and easy recipes so you can feed your family cheaply without compromising on quality.

Family Heritage and Birthplace – El Salvador

Family Heritage and Birthplace - El Salvador

In order to understand the family heritage, you must take into account the birth place and culture of where you were born and grew up. My grandfathers immigrated from Canton, China to El Salvador around 1890. It took 2 months to sail across the Pacific ocean. Thousands of miles away from their own families to start a new life. My father and I were born in El Salvador, my children were born in San Francisco, Ca. I grew up with the culture from El Salvador, a small and intimate country. The beach, the sand, the water, coconut trees, the volcanoes, the indian natives, all very colorful and I still remember most of it. However my grandfathers adapted to their new country and did not pass on any of the old country traditions. Many things will not be forgotten, the food, pupusas, the coffee plantations, the splash of surf in the night at the beach, the market place, all very good reminders of where I grew up. I share some pictures from El Salvador with you so you can understand where I come from. El Salvador. The littlest country with the biggest heart and hard working people. Please subscribe now to see more pictures like this video
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