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Semiconductors, Chinese Academy Of Sciences Expert: Excess Capacity Alert Led

According to official statistics, mainland-funded enterprises in the present LED chip number of firms to 62, more than thousands of package plants, related downstream businesses are close to 2,000 applications.

Momentum intensified as LED, LED will surplus scene? Press Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Xia Zhao invited a dialogue.

“Securities Daily”: LED current market status?

Zhao Lixia: Semiconductor Industry Alliance, released in 2009 China’s semiconductor lighting industry data: in 2009, China’s chip output up 25% over 2008, reaching 2.3 billion; LED packaging production was 204 million; semiconductor lighting applications from financial crisis After the impact, an increase of 30% or more contrarian, reaching 60 billion yuan. 2009, the total scale of China’s LED industry totaled 82.7 billion yuan!

Five significant opportunities for regional planning to be upgraded (with shares) to larger capital adequacy ratio increased to 11.5%, or planning for the local listed companies Wanjiang “blood” Country Life Green channel bank and insurance violations involving public housing ordered another 73 billion enterprise Financing will restart to take over the world lights king “egg” block “Securities Daily”: LED core technology at home and abroad is the difference between what?

Zhao Lixia: LED industry chain extension and chip into the upper reaches, middle reaches of the package, and downstream application, the core of semiconductor lighting upstream wide band gap semiconductor materials, extension of the domestic mass production of chips of enterprises can be about 20 around, but the technical level and foreign products or there are some gaps, recently announced that the United States CREE LED efficiency has been achieved 208lm / w, this is the best level of LED luminous efficiency.

With the semiconductor lighting technology, China has developed instructions, signals, display, backlight, lighting, lighting products such as hundreds of minutes. The end of 2008, China’s semiconductor lighting industry achieved production value of nearly 70 billion yuan, semiconductor lighting related companies to reach more than 3000, and has formed the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, north, Jiangxi and Fujian four cluster of semiconductor lighting industry, Each region formed a relatively complete industrial chain and relatively rational industrial layout. Ministry of Science and also Xiamen, Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Shenzhen, Yangzhou and Shijiazhuang approved seven industrial base.

“Securities Daily”: LED production capacity is now what? Listed companies are able to accommodate expansion of domestic market, whether there will be excess?

Zhao Lixia: ordinary domestic listed companies in their capacities, such as the January 12, 2010, An optical three (600,703, stock it) Notice 12 billion yuan investment in Wuhu LED industry base. January 16, with a total investment of 24.5 billion yuan in the TCL Huaxing Guang 8.5 generation LCD panel power project was started. February 1, Wuhu municipal government and BDO Runda (002,005, stock it) Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. signed a contract investment of 60 billion yuan, open LED optoelectronic industry base construction. Taiwan’s Chi Mei Optoelectronics has estimated that by 2010 its total investment in Guangdong, South China Sea will be more than 2 billion U.S. dollars. LED industry investment has been overheating symptoms need to guard against the problem of excess production capacity.

“Securities Daily”: LED company currently experiencing what is the bottleneck

Zhao Lixia: middle and lower reaches of the LED on the bottlenecks encountered by the company is not the same. This includes technical, conceptual, equipment, talent, etc., currently used materials, MOCVD epitaxial growth of LED device focused on foreign VEECO, Axitron companies, the development of MOCVD equipment, localization, and is a need for practical problems.

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