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Europe’s Classic Romantic Inns The Azores

Europe's Classic Romantic Inns The Azores

TERRA NOSTRA GARDEN HOTELLocated on the island of San Miguel, the resort hotel is built in the crater of an extinct volcano. The particular micro-climate has fostered a lush garden filled with rare species of plants, and thermal springs feed its giant pool. We tour the extensive gardens with the young owner, Luis Bensaude, and eat �cozido,� a special dish that is cooked by burying pots in thermally heated ground.QUINTA DA NASCE D�AGUAThis lovely manor house on the island of Terceira was converted into an inn a couple years ago and is now the favorite of discerning visitors. Our hostess, Dona Ana Maria, supervises an exceptional restaurant. We visit the site of the Battle of Salga, where the islanders repelled a Spanish invasion by driving wild cattle into their ranks.ESTALAGEM DE SANTA CRUZThe fort of Santa Cruz was built in 1567 for protection against pirates. It overlooks the port of Horta on the island of Faial, the crossroads of the Spanish Empire galleon fleet. Our hosts are three local men who take us to Peter�s Cafe, the famous meeting place and message center for sailors, which has an outstanding scrimshaw museum. Regional Highlights:Whale Watching- Island of Pico Azores was the whaling center of the Atlantic during the last two centuries. Whaling was outlawed ten years ago, but the cry of �Baleias!� – �Whales� – still sends out little boats to track the huge cetaceans. Only now the boats are filled with eco-tourists, who thrill to being so close to whales
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How Vulnerable Is US Over Europe’s Economic Troubles?

European leaders must stabilize their financial system to create a stronger eurozone, President Obama said Friday, urging them to act on the growing debt crisis. Jeffrey Brown, economist Nariman Behravesh and Drew Greenblatt of Marlin Steel Wire Products discuss how Europe’s economic troubles might affect US economic growth.