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English Tea Culture in Denver

Made for ENGL 3084, University of Colorado Denver

Union Jack teapot graphic from http://www.EnglishTealeaves.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Beyond Falafel – Food Culture in Israel

Beyond Falafel - Food Culture in Israel

We chose food as the topic for our group for two main reasons. One, it is not a highly controversial topic and two it would be a fun, clever, and accurate way to represent the pluralistic side of Israel that is so commonly omitted from the conversation. Some highlights of our filming process consisted of tasting different types of food, seeing traditional kosher dishes to seeing Chinese Kosher dishes, and hearing what Israelis had to say about the wide array of food within their country. We hope you enjoy our documentary, and next time you are in Israel, while falafel is still very tasty, see what other scrumptious dishes you can find. Produced by Write On For Israel Teen Participants www.bluestarpr.com
Video Rating: 3 / 5