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Chinese New Year Cards

One thing that is common with Chinese people are their value for family life. Every Christmas and new year, they will abandon all their activities and expend their time with their families. Most of them travel to their hometown to visit their parents and grandparents. And to experience their cultural display and hometown’s activities.

To every Chinese, new year is a great moment of thanksgiving to their gods for giving them yet another year to live and see the sun shining each day. Every new year season, all  member of a particular clan in china will gather to offer sacrifice to their gods, while their priest will pray a prayer of protection against any ill attack that might come upon their clan member in the present new year. After the clan meeting and gathering, a feast will be held to complete the new year merriments.

For the love of carat and martial art in china, most Chinese are fond on using Christmas and new year period to practice and participate in martial art activities. Some communities will engage in a competition to determine the winner or the strongest man/woman in their community. 
Chinese new year parties holds after the celebration of the new year parties and event in some other countries. This general celebration doesn’t permit business or work activities. As everyone one is expected  to leave business and work behind and participate in their masquerade dance and parade. 
Chinese new year cards sell very much due to their appreciative nature and communal living. Chinese new year cards are created with Chinese language, writing and illustrations. If you love  Chinese way of life or you are from china, this moment of new year is the perfect time to express true commitment in a relationship with friends and relatives. By ordering our well-designed Chinese new year cards, you will experience an amazing moment of new year. Create a new year shout to your distant Chinese friends today.


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Semiconductors, Chinese Academy Of Sciences Expert: Excess Capacity Alert Led

According to official statistics, mainland-funded enterprises in the present LED chip number of firms to 62, more than thousands of package plants, related downstream businesses are close to 2,000 applications.

Momentum intensified as LED, LED will surplus scene? Press Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Xia Zhao invited a dialogue.

“Securities Daily”: LED current market status?

Zhao Lixia: Semiconductor Industry Alliance, released in 2009 China’s semiconductor lighting industry data: in 2009, China’s chip output up 25% over 2008, reaching 2.3 billion; LED packaging production was 204 million; semiconductor lighting applications from financial crisis After the impact, an increase of 30% or more contrarian, reaching 60 billion yuan. 2009, the total scale of China’s LED industry totaled 82.7 billion yuan!

Five significant opportunities for regional planning to be upgraded (with shares) to larger capital adequacy ratio increased to 11.5%, or planning for the local listed companies Wanjiang “blood” Country Life Green channel bank and insurance violations involving public housing ordered another 73 billion enterprise Financing will restart to take over the world lights king “egg” block “Securities Daily”: LED core technology at home and abroad is the difference between what?

Zhao Lixia: LED industry chain extension and chip into the upper reaches, middle reaches of the package, and downstream application, the core of semiconductor lighting upstream wide band gap semiconductor materials, extension of the domestic mass production of chips of enterprises can be about 20 around, but the technical level and foreign products or there are some gaps, recently announced that the United States CREE LED efficiency has been achieved 208lm / w, this is the best level of LED luminous efficiency.

With the semiconductor lighting technology, China has developed instructions, signals, display, backlight, lighting, lighting products such as hundreds of minutes. The end of 2008, China’s semiconductor lighting industry achieved production value of nearly 70 billion yuan, semiconductor lighting related companies to reach more than 3000, and has formed the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, north, Jiangxi and Fujian four cluster of semiconductor lighting industry, Each region formed a relatively complete industrial chain and relatively rational industrial layout. Ministry of Science and also Xiamen, Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Shenzhen, Yangzhou and Shijiazhuang approved seven industrial base.

“Securities Daily”: LED production capacity is now what? Listed companies are able to accommodate expansion of domestic market, whether there will be excess?

Zhao Lixia: ordinary domestic listed companies in their capacities, such as the January 12, 2010, An optical three (600,703, stock it) Notice 12 billion yuan investment in Wuhu LED industry base. January 16, with a total investment of 24.5 billion yuan in the TCL Huaxing Guang 8.5 generation LCD panel power project was started. February 1, Wuhu municipal government and BDO Runda (002,005, stock it) Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. signed a contract investment of 60 billion yuan, open LED optoelectronic industry base construction. Taiwan’s Chi Mei Optoelectronics has estimated that by 2010 its total investment in Guangdong, South China Sea will be more than 2 billion U.S. dollars. LED industry investment has been overheating symptoms need to guard against the problem of excess production capacity.

“Securities Daily”: LED company currently experiencing what is the bottleneck

Zhao Lixia: middle and lower reaches of the LED on the bottlenecks encountered by the company is not the same. This includes technical, conceptual, equipment, talent, etc., currently used materials, MOCVD epitaxial growth of LED device focused on foreign VEECO, Axitron companies, the development of MOCVD equipment, localization, and is a need for practical problems.

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Sichuan Opera, Best Chinese Locals Festival!!!

Sichuan Opera has distinct place in the festivals and operas of China. Characterized by unique solos, refined acting, rich percussion, and talented comedians, Sichuan Opera has become the most popular Chinese cultural traditions since last many years.  These performances are presented by best Chinese artists whose skills are unparalleled in the world. For the artistic performances to be observed here visitors take China flights and love to join this event. These performances are presented in the form of a play, and these plays number to 2,000. Celebrating different events and cultures is the common tradition in China and it is home to many traditional and cultural shows that are year round and are presented almost all the popular venues of the country. But the Sichuan Opera is incomparable. It is not only popular among Chinese but also among the foreign visitors taken cheap China flights also love to join it.


The most interesting part of this opera is face changing. It is said that ancient people painted their faces to drive away wild animals but since last many years it has become an integral part of almost all the performances presented in the country. The difference between Chinese opera and Sichuan Opera is that in Chinese opera facial makeup is usually painted, but in Sichuan Opera, the performer can change his or her facial makeup in the snap of a finger right on stage.  If you take flights to china you will be pleased to see this act of face changing in just a second. It is also featuring bright sets and costumes, a combination of music, dance, and acrobatics that are more then enough to entertain visitors of all ages.


The reason behind the popularity among Locals as well as those getting into the country by taking cheap flights to China is immense vitality and dynamic performances that are presented in this opera. These performances are reflection of an individual’s artistic abilities into play to ensure fresh material, variety, and creativity. The event is also known as Fu Rong Guo Cui. The face changing is so rapid that just in 20 seconds more than 10 masks are changed. Now the question arises who to catch this show? The answer to this question is very simple. A number of tour operator companies are there to arrange your tour to this opera. After taking flights to China from UK or some where else you just need to contact these agents and they will perform the rest of the task for you.

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Chinese Boycotts Of Japanese Products

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Boycotts of Japanese products have been conducted by numerous Chinese civilian and governmental organisations, always in response to real or perceived Japanese aggression, whether military, political or economic.

Early boycotts

The first boycott of Japanese products in China was started 1915 as a result of public indignation at the Twenty-One Demands which Japan threatened China to accept. In 1919, the students and intellectuals involved in the May Fourth Movement called for another boycott of Japanese products, to which the public responded enthusiastically. Local chambers of commerce decided to sever economic ties with Japan, workers refused to work in Japanese-funded factories, consumers refused to buy Japanese goods, and students mobilised to punish those found selling, buying or using Japanese products.

The Jinan Incident of 1928 prompted a new boycott, this time the KMT government mobilised the population to cease economic dealings with Japan. From then on, anti-Japanese protests in China would always be accompanied with boycotts of Japanese products.

Modern boycotts

After World War II, the Chinese community, upset over various issues such as the sovereignty of Diaoyutai Islands, the Japanese history textbook controversies and Japanese leaders’ visits to Yasukuni Shrine, would launch boycotts of Japanese products. Republic of China citizens started a boycott in September 1972 to protest Japan’s diplomatic recognition of the People’s Republic of China, and twice burned Japanese products in front of the Taipei City Hall, ironically of Japanese construction.

In 2005 a new wave of boycotts were started in mainland China, concurrent with the anti-Japanese demonstrations in major Chinese cities at the time. However, this boycott was at best a fringe attempt, and was denounced by the mainstream population, citing that China was integrated into the world economy and a boycott of one of China’s biggest trading partners would cause as much harm to China as it would to Japan. Most people were more concerned over their standards of living than redressing old grievances. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Relations gave a similar view: That “Sino-Japanese economic cooperation developed significantly over the past decade and brought real benefits to both the people of nations. We do not wish for economic issues to be politicised.” As with the anti-Japanese demonstrations, these activists began organising boycotts using the internet and cellphones. One such website, for example, gives a list of Japanese aggressions against China in the past, current incidents straining Sino-Japanese relations, as well as a breakdown of how much money consumers supposedly give to the Japanese government and military for every 100 yuan they spend on Japanese products (“10 bullets for the so-called Self-Defense Forces”; “6 to 8 pages of anti-Chinese textbooks and documents”, etc.).

See also

Anti-Japanese sentiments

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Considerations for Chinese Mould Companies

In recent years, Chinese mould companies are attacked by the global financial crisis. Luo Baihui, the head of suppliers of international moulds, pointed out that Chinese mould enterprises should face this reality and meet these challenges. He suggested that they should make analysis on the situation, develop strategies, and adjust the structure, etc. There are many aspects that the mould companies should take into consideration.

Firstly, mould companies should pay close attention to industry trends, sales situation and trends of policies. For example, in order to expand the domestic demands, improve the living standard, and stimulate consumption, the state invested 15 billion to implement the subsidy policies. In addition to this, the state also promotes the policy of “home appliances to the countryside”; moreover, it will also implement the policy which is about “revitalization of steel and automobile”. These all bring a lot of opportunities to the steel and automotive industry.

Secondly, mould companies should make alliances and division of specialization. In the current financial crisis, those mould companies must strengthen communication and understanding. Besides, they should eliminate misunderstanding and enhance industry unity. If those enterprises take the above mentioned measures, they can get a lot of benefits. For example, they can give full play to their strengths and avoid weaknesses. The coalition will also help them integrate the resources to avoid overlapping investments which will reduce risks and improve equipment utilization.

Thirdly, companies should strengthen information construction and realize modernization management of enterprises. Many mold companies in China are mostly small and medium enterprises which adopt extensive management. This backward means not only restrict the company development, but also can not adapt to the current highly competitive market. Entrepreneurs should clearly realize that in today’s information age, they should develop information and network technology to help their companies standardize management and minimize production costs and procurement costs. Besides, companies’ level of management and the operation efficiency will be improved which enable those companies to seize the initiative and opportunity in the market.

Fourthly, Chinese mould enterprises should walk out to seek for opportunities and develop new business areas. Meanwhile, they should pay attention to the emerging international mold market. As to some mould companies which own strong technical force, they should make use of their advantages and position on the high-end mould products. Additionally, the cooperation with the international famous companies can help them reduce many competitors.

In addition to the above aspects, there are still many others for those companies to consider. Mold companies should always emphasize on the cultivation of talents and give full play to the role of human resources in the enterprises. Furthermore, the company should broaden their horizons and take the initiative for emerging international markets. They should seek business opportunities in the crisis, minimize losses, and take a positive attitude towards the economic situation.

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Trend of Development of Chinese eyeglasses

What we are going to talk about here refer to corrective eyeglasses.


To meet the requirements of customers and the need for its healthy growth, Chinese eyeglasses industry in the future will have to, positively or passively, undergo some changes, which are considered to be the driving force for the development of Chinese eyeglasses industry. Here below are some possible changes for the future Chinese eyeglasses industry.


1. The standardization of products

The biggest change should be on lenses. The lenses will no longer be round only, but will be made into the shape identical to the shape of the frame directly. Therefore, there will be an increase of the technical parameters of lenses, for example, the outline parameter and location parameter of the optical center, etc.. The establishment and division of all those parameters come from the corporate champion of Chinese eyeglasses industry.


2. The standardization of optometry

Authorities concerned will cooperate with several powerful enterprises and professional medical institutions, to establish a set of comprehensive technical system for vision correction. This set of system will be repeatedly corrected and validated, and then comes to be a set of criterions in the eyeglasses industry.


3. The standardization of prescribing scheme of corrective eyeglasses

Besides a set of standardized optometry system, a set of trustful prescribing scheme is needed so as to bring customers the best vision effect. Strict prescribing factors and proper adjustment ability are necessary for the sake of good vision effect. It also should come from the cooperation of authorities concerned and some powerful enterprises and professional medical institutions.


4. Comprehensive technological supervision system

The technological supervision system has to play a role to standardize and supervise technology; to establish and constantly perfect the standardization of technology; to check the qualification to obtain employment; and to, in some degree, provide highly trained talents concerned.


Last but not the least, customers are the key link of every industry, so are they as for eyeglasses industry. In order to make customers pay their money at ease and with pleasure, satisfied service should be provided. Therefore, in the future in Chinese eyeglasses industry, to train professional and kind shop assistants should be never neglected and should be emphasized.

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