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DJ Carmin Wong Feat. Nic+Danny – Flash City Chinatown

DJ Carmin Wong Feat. Nic+ Danny – Flash City Chinese New Year Parade & Festival California traveling Deejay/ Producer Chinatown Los Angeles in this episode of “California Travel Tips.” When you think of Chinatown, colorful paper lanterns, delightful dim sum and fierce Chinese dragons may come to mind. The truth is, Chinatown Los Angeles has all of that and more. Established in 1938, LA’s New Chinatown along Broadway and Hill streets, makes a fun and exotic day trip. Chinatown history dates back to 1852, when the Chinese arrived in Los Angeles. Located on the site of Union Station, Old Chinatown fell into disrepair during the mid 1910s, and it was demolished. Today, Chinatown LA is home to more than 15000 Asian residents, who live, play and worship here every day. The Taoist temple on Yale Street is one of the largest and the most beautiful in Southern California. Here, worshippers pray to the goddess of the seas, lighting incense and offering up fruit and vegetables, which are used to feed the poor. During Chinese New Year, oranges are offered at this temple’s altar for good luck and fortune. The celebration continues with crackling fireworks and a festive Chinese New Year parade with colorful dragons, flags and dancers along North Broadway. The event draws more than 80000 spectators a year. One of the best things about Chinatown in LA is the performances by the Shaolin monks from the Henan province of China. These incredibly talented kung fu masters perform the first and
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