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Texas Food Handlers Card Assures Food Safety

When patrons enter a food service establishment they want to know the business and its employees understand the need for food safety. One way they are assured of the training of the employees is having the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission certification and Serve Safe Food certifications posted within the business. This assures them that all workers are trained in the safe preparation and handling of their food and beverages.
The Food Handlers of Texas offers two courses for those seeking to receive a Texas Food Handler Card through courses both online and in a classroom setting. Many food service businesses are reluctant to hire workers without certification and the courses offer those who successfully complete the course the certificate at the end of the course. There is no waiting for days, or even weeks, as some similar courses may require.
The Texas Department of State Health Services does not require every person working in such facilities to hold a Texas food handlers card it does require they work under a person with a license. This allows newer employees to learn about safe food preparation and handling while they train to take the exam.
Another advantage of the Food Handlers of Texas classes is that they are accepted by every city health department in the state of Texas. Meaning, that once a person receives a Texas Food Handler Card from one of the courses, they can use that card anywhere in the state. The education company also offers the guarantee that if their card is not recognized in any city they will refund the cost of course. There may be some companies offering T.A.B.C. certification for less, but the certification may not be accepted throughout the state.
Persons wishing to take the exam, whether online or in a classroom will learn about the proper procedures for food preparation to include safe cooking temperatures, safe holding temperatures and the proper way to handle ready-to-eat food items. T.A.B.C. certification is also needed to ensure compliance with Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commissions requirements on the legal aspects of liquor sales, such as who can purchase alcoholic beverages and the responsibilities of the seller.
State laws outline the precautions required by servers to insure sales to minors are now allowed as well as how to recognize patrons who may have reached a level of intoxication and should not be served. The certification programs offered by the Food Handlers of Texas assure compliance with all applicable laws and both the T.A.B.C. certification and the Texas Food Handler Card issued at the completion of the course are accepted state-wide. Both courses are provided online or in a classroom setting and are valid for two years.

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Getting a Texas Food Handlers Card

Handling food actually has some very delicate procedures and health departments all have very strict guidelines and polices concerning how food is handled as well as how it is stored by any type of business or a venue that distributes food, such as a school or a daycare. Thus, local health departments will require anyone who has to handle food in their day to day job to have a food handlers certification. A Texas food handlers card is very important to businesses because the certification keeps the patrons and the business itself from any harm.

A Texas food handlers card isn’t something that is very difficult to get. Often times it will simply require you to take a few classes and perhaps an exam, depending on what program you decide to follow. Many of these programs can be found online and will ultimately cover all of the subject matter that a traditional certification class would. These subjects vary by program but the most common-and most important-ones are cleanliness, properly storing food, properly handling food, and properly serving food. The programs are also likely to cover foodborne illnesses and how these could be prevented.

Online programs are very affordable and anyone who wishes to get their Texas food handlers card simply needs to find the right kind of program for their needs and devote a little time to it. These cards are known for helping people to advance themselves in the food industry because they are so important to businesses. In fact, there is no way to work with food preparation as a chef, cook, or server unless you have a Texas food handler certification.

However, it is important that you do not simply jump right into the first program you come across. Take the time to make sure that the program you are looking at will actually get you the certification you need. A Texas food handlers card may only be valid at a county or state level. Some businesses will require you to have a card that is valid across state lines and it is your responsibility to make sure that you are entering into the right program.

Texas food handler certification is always a good thing to have for anyone looking to enter into the food industry or looking to move up in the food industry. Online classes make getting your Texas food handlers card surprisingly convenient as you can do the courses on your time, wherever you want. The courses themselves are not difficult and by taking the time to go through them carefully you will find that you will be much more prepared in your work. That is why food handlers online courses are so popular. They offer affordability, flexibility, and ultimately success for those who complete them.


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