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KINtastic time in Canada 2011

Chris Taylor. Mel Batten. Bee Zwar. Michelle McCool, Maddie Khoury. Sam Lilley. Sebastian Meyer What an amazing and unique experience this was. Thank you for an unforgettable and wonderful time with lots and lots of good memories. Canada, you did us good. london.western.mustangs.cuba.drainer.moneyforjam.iminaglasscageofemotion.bluemountain.snowboardcamp.buffalo.toronto.detroit.sanfrancisco.asians.australiaday.scottishday.stpatricksday.kinformal.charityball.buffalosabres.buffalobanditsshiftingweight.familydinner.tobogganing.skating.jacks.cowboys.uponcarling.timhortonslines.littlecaesars.saveahorserideacowboy.categories.fingers.marbleslab.themovies.daaad.don’tstopbelieving.niagarafalls.chinesefood.spoke.rouge.cabdrives.uscustoms….andoccasionalminorstudying

Barkerville BC Canada

Barkerville, once the largest city north of San Francisco and west of Chicago – was situated on the western edge of the Cariboo Mountains. It was named after Billy Barker from Cambridgeshire, England, who struck gold in 1862. Barkerville grew up almost overnight, and was a case of “growth via word of mouth”. Barkerville grew as fast as word of Barker’s strike spread. His claim would eventually yield 37500 ounces[1] (1065 kg/2350 lb) of gold. Before the construction of the Cariboo Wagon Road, people hauled their own supplies to Barkerville, either on their backs or in a pack train. Because supplies were scarce, the prices of even the most everyday items were extremely high. High prices for goods in Barkerville did not ease up until the Cariboo Road had been finished, when goods could be transported by huge freight wagons. Soon, movers of freight boasted that they could pack and carry a set of champagne glasses without any breakage – for a price, of course. More women also came to Barkerville after the construction of the Cariboo Road. Barkerville (1865)At first, the town consisted only of makeshift cabins and tents. By the mid-1860s, however, Barkerville had a population of approximately 5000; it was the largest town north of San Francisco and west of Chicago. Even though its population was transient and largely dependent on mining, Barkerville was becoming less of a service town and more of a real community. It had several general stores and boarding houses, a drugstore

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