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The Status Of Food Banks In San Diego

Just a few years ago, the US was experiencing a time of prosperity, and food banks in San Diego were reaching a good amount of people with the provisions they required. People had jobs, the government was reporting surplus and capitalism was thriving. Now, the economy is suffering greatly, and the people of the nation are experiencing times of dire straits no food to eat, no home to sleep in, no car to drive, no job to work, and no hope in their hearts.

Food banks in San Diego and other charities have been working overtime to meet the needs of residents who have fallen on hard times, and that is a lot of people. Over 2 million people reside in the city, and many of them make less than $ 50,000 per year, which in California is barely enough to pay monthly bills. What about food to eat? What about money to buy medicine? What about money to pay for daycare so that parents can go to work? What about money to buy basic household needs?

Charity organizations of different types do more than just give material things, they also offer counseling services (for alcoholism, domestic violence, substance abuse and grief), job placement services (which includes resume building services, free business attire, and transportation help), and cash aid. San Diego charity organizations have given millions of dollars in donations over the years, but now that the economy has hit a rough patch, the amount of donations received by charities and non profit organizations has taking a hit as well. With fewer paychecks come fewer opportunities to donate to San Diego charity organizations without hurting a persons own family.

So how can you help the many food banks and charity organizations without sacrificing the needs of your own family? Volunteering your time and used goods is a great way to provide for those in need without spending a dime. Help feed the homeless in a community kitchen, or volunteer to answer the phones at a charity telethon. Clean out your closets and donate clothes that dont fit anymore, toys your kids no longer play with, electronics that are worth more in pieces than as a whole, and even your old car or boat. Remember that many donations are tax deductible.

When you donate time and used goods to San Diego charity organizations, you are offering families in need goods and services that will truly help them overcome their current circumstances and eventually get back on their own two feet. Consider this a form of paying it forward so that one day, when you need help, they will be there to give of their own goods to help you.

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