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I went to westfield mall, spoke with this Mia singer lookalike & was appalled by the security’s misconduct, power abuse & territorial gang mentality. The mall is the only social place within miles of empty streets & cars and i’ve been a very good customer, getting food, apple products, chinese massage, etc. Everyone allowed photography with no problem except the INTIMIDATING FASCIST “security”! I almost always kept to myself, well aware of the big brother “security” privacy invading video cameras snooping on everyone. Security monitor & record you, but wont allow you to even photograph your food. Today I only spoke to 2 or 3 women the entire 4 hours i was there, yet they came up to me after this and said “its private property & you cannot talk to the women here.” they said that they saw me photographing a lady before, and this last one complained that she felt uncomfortable. As you can see there’s no evidence of that & it looks like a COCKBLOCK. They then said “you asked her to be in a YOUTUBE INTERVIEW?! YOU CANT DO THAT ON PRIVATE PROPERTY! As a customer of the mall you are not allowed to talk to the women about youtube. FREE SPEECH 1st AMMENDMENT RIGHT VIOLATION with “private property” as the excuse. I didn’t argue since we all know what happens when you do: banning. First they said i’d be tresspassed if i ever came back. Then when they escorted me to my car & i asked how i can fix the situation they said i was welcome back provided i dont ask any women to be on
Video Rating: 5 / 5