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Made In China 2011

A video/picture illustration portraying the beauty & ornateness of the Chinese people and the magnificent country of China. Scene’s from The Great Wall to The Yuyuan Gardens, from San Francisco to Beijing to Shanghai. Hope you enjoy!!!

2011 Asian-American Rap-up // spoken word

We’ve BEEN talking about JLin – Linsanity REALLY started in 2010 😉 From Tiger Moms to Harry Shum, and everything in-between, it was a big year for Asians. Join me as I look over the biggest stories in 2011 – in a rap. Inspired by Skillz’ Year-End Rap-Up series. Facebook: jasonchumusic Twitter: @JasonChuMusic www.jasonchumusic.com Cameras: Nathan Chester, Joyce Teo, Duncan Leung (about.duncanleung.com) Audio: Israel Merica-Jones LYRICS: It’s winter time and the season is Christmas I had no clue what I’d see on your wish lists I couldn’t afford to wrap gifts for you So instead, I wrote a rap gift for you This year, we saw Tiger Moms get in the news Good luck to their children – I’ve been in your shoes Yao Ming waved goodbye to his Houston fans Accidental Chinese Hipsters made us pee in our pants In entertainment, asians are in the mix Since Far East came in, on their G6 Ken Jeong is in Hollywood, actin a fool Harry Shum is on Glee, makin girls drool Speakin of ladies, Girls Generation had a US tour Nine members – which is which? I’m not too sure Nicki Minaj has a bit of a Japanese fetish But would Young Money sign an Asian rapper? Never. I didn’t watch Fast Five for The Rock’s acting I’m just glad Sung Kang played an asian, without a funny accent Justin Lin could film anything and I would have watched it From time-traveling robots to community college Wong Fu made a movie about break-up survivors YTF Global got like a billion subscribers Harold and Kumar are back, and don
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Pacific Bulletin news break for Friday, June 3, 2011

Pacific Bulletin news break for Friday, June 3, 2011

In our top stories tonight: American Airlines cuts Honolulu to San Francisco flights. Hawaiian Airlines will begin adding seats to that route this fall using larger planes. A proposed Laie hotel will be reviewed by the zoning committee for one month. And a Chinese agribusiness firm will buy 790000 acres of Patagonian farmland in Argentina, worrying environmentalists that pesticide use and irrigation will harm the Rio Negro. Pacific Bulletin News Breaks air each evening at 6:00, 7:00 and 8:00 pm on Ocean Network, channel 349 in Hawaii.
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