Sweet & Sour Chicken / 酸甜鸡

Sweet & Sour Chicken is very simple to make. Most kids love this recipe. I prefer to eat this dish paired simply with white rice and nothing else.

25 thoughts on “Sweet & Sour Chicken / 酸甜鸡

  1. MrQuagmire26

    I’m gonna jump on the ilovesweetnsour wagon too. Personally I prefer to lightly stir fry chicken or pork instead of deep frying. The version my former father in law from Shanghai made were also very light. Though he used a combo of tomato pure and ketchup (heinz) + vinegar etc

  2. TheChubbyDoe

    I really like your videos. You remind me of my mom when she’s cooking in the kitchen (except she’s Mexican….). I hope to see more videos from me! Your recipes are so easy to follow

  3. chipz619

    look nice… but can i not put tomato on it? cause i saw some sweet and sour no tomato…can i know the measurement? and what kind of soy sauce you use… thanks…

  4. DINIx3gerlgerl

    She has something wrong with her pronunciation for potato and tomato. Why make a big fuss -.-? You can see that it’s a tomato, obviously. So just cook it with tomatoes! just ignore the potato -__- it’s not like its so confusing.


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