Stir fry with Actifry!

Ingredients: Onions Tofu pepper Ginger Garlic Chili pepper Noodles Soy sauce Chinese 5 spice Oil

25 thoughts on “Stir fry with Actifry!

  1. bagelboi66

    I’m not sold on this. By most of the accounts on YouTube it doesn’t do chips very well, and looks like a lot to clean up. Give me a no stick skillet and a gas hob any day. You don’t really need more than a tsp or two of oil in a good skillet if you know what you’re doing.

  2. gnostie

    Ooh, I LOVE this!!!! Let’s see where I can get one of these – I can eat veg stir fries every day – woohoo!!!

  3. andhaustrup

    i got one and yes they are there are so many things you can make in it if you get one you can use it evey day

  4. DrLeoCharm

    you’re right it would take a long time for one portion - but its probably only 10 extra for bigger portions. You get quicker at it as you do it more.

  5. vrz07

    Bah!! This thing is disapointing. It takes 35 mins for 1 portion of chips. If you have a family it will take forever. I wonder if this is also known as the crock pot .


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