Steamed Rice Cake (Banh Bo, Cow Cake) is quite labor intensive to make. The down side of this recipe is that it is high in sugar and fat. I tried my best to cut down the sugar a lot (The original recipe asked for 2 cups, I used 1 cup). The end result of this recipe turned out only slightly sweet, despite after adding 1 cup of sugar…..crazy! I’ll probably eat this once in a blue moon, now that I know what it’s made of. Note: Make sure to let the mixture sit for 2 hours before steaming it. If you whisk it right before you steam it, you will get more air bubbles in your steamed rice cake. It took me around 40 minutes to make it. The time might be shorter or longer…depending on the stove you use. I used a gas stove on low heat. Please “Favorite” this video and tell others to support this channel. Thanks!! :] **Click the “CC” button, then “Translate Captions” to change the subtitle language.** Sources: N/A. ❀ How to request a healthy recipe: ♥ Website: ♥ Facebook ♥ Twitter: ♥ Pinterest: Music: Tam Music Factory. © 2012 Miki’s Pantry
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  1. mypeople33

    I am French and I realize pastries.
    Discover my passion and do not hesitate to challenge myself!

  2. Ehsaan Ehsaan

    hi Miki , Muchas gracias for your recipe of cow cake it is mind blowing idea for me .i was looking for the cow cake recipes for such a long time i never get the right lucky my i found you videos any way its really very very helpful gracias once again i feel like a god gift to me .thankyou from ehsaan

  3. MikisPantry

    I’m not sure how that would turn out. Coconut milk is very thick, creamy and high in fat. I know almond milk a lot healthier but honestly, I haven’t tried making this recipe with it yet. I’m scared to know how it will taste like. If you do try it, let me know how it goes. 🙂

  4. MikisPantry

    Oh no, it’s not listed yet? I will post it by tonight. Is that okay?
    The ingredients are also listed at the end of the video. Sorry about that.

  5. Rocio Martinez

    Se me antojaron, se ven deliciosos.
    Me gustó esta receta, la voy a hacer y haber que tal resulta, espero que bien.
    Gracias, por tus recetas…Saludos [iminent=Ze2cKBgUWfOB] desde México.

  6. LaLaaLily6

    I buy this all the time at the asian supermarket. This is cool now I can make it at home, fresh. Thanks 🙂 xoxo


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