Steamed Chicken with Vegetables Recipe

Steamed Chicken with Vegetables Recipe

This steamed chicken recipe is delicious, healthy, and quite easy to make. Here is the link to the written instructions for this recipe:

24 thoughts on “Steamed Chicken with Vegetables Recipe

  1. g0g01951


    I’m a novice asking novice questions:

    1. It seems to me that the dish placed lower in the steamer, closer to the boiling water, must cook more and faster than the upper dish positioned further away–doesn’t this result in uneven cooking between the two levels?

    2. Would the use of more cornstarch in this recipe be feasible to result in a finished product not sitting in broth but in sauce/gravy?

    Thank you.

  2. heepietongjr

    Will this work if I steam it in a rice cooker haha? I have this steamer tray that came with my rice cooker.

  3. TheBill2468

    Delicious, healthy and easy are a great combination (not often found together)..
    I plan to do this but with turkey cutlets (they come more trim). A crinkle cutter is a nice visual touch for the sliced veggies.

  4. nelumvia

    What a great recipe, it really does taste great concidering its steamed! Usually steamed meatis not as tasty as say roasted.

    Also, to whoever doubting the juices are not enough to cook the chicken through, its NOT the juices that cook the chicken, but the steam. It would be cooked through even without any water on the plate.

  5. LenOval

    Why add the corn starch to the chicken?? Do you have to do this or can you drop it to take out some carb value?

  6. Blindedbythelight

    steaming food is a bodybuilders haven.

    By steaming, you get to enjoy more of the vegetables natural taste and texture. Steaming also seals in the vitamins and minerals normally lost by boiling or baking them. In addition, steaming requires no added fat.

    good video

  7. foodlover7

    oh no!!! please keep your accent love it! it sounds weirder if you try to hide it.. love your southern accent^^ kepp up the good work

  8. CYNRellewd

    This looks very healthy. Can you please provide more recipes that require steaming instead of frying in the future. Thank you.


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