Steamed Bread Rolls/Chinese Flower Rolls Cooking Chinese Food 花卷

Steamed bread rolls are very popular in china. It is wonderfully soft and a good alternative to European bread
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25 thoughts on “Steamed Bread Rolls/Chinese Flower Rolls Cooking Chinese Food 花卷

  1. mialf0201

    @Shirley d
    I’m pretty sure you let them rise for 15min and steam for 15min as well. Correct me if I’m wrong! XD

  2. gathik

    Thanks so much for these videos!!!!! I’m determined to make almost every single one of them!!! 🙂 Hope my family will like them!

  3. theuglykwan

    Look up chinese onion pancakes. Those are similar but are cooked in the pan so are crunchy and soft. That might appeal to you more texture-wise.

    You do get baked bread varieties too, i’ve seen them in chinese bakeries and i think they are at least part baked, might be steamed and then baked.

  4. iglakdfac

    thanks for the recipes,,..i’m one of those who loved to eat steamed bread.,.they are softer and just perfect for my morning breakfast with they are easy to cook and simple ingredients…hope you present more steamed recipes…

  5. ayuinu

    If you wanted to freeze some of these for later. Would you steam them first or put directly into freezer after fermentation?

  6. EasyChineseFood

    I personally haven’t tried baking the pieces, and I wouldn’t recommend doing it because I’m afraid they will turn very hard and crunchy. I recently recorded a new dish similar to my bread rolls with bacon and onion, and the texture is not as soft as these. I’ll be posting it onto my Youtube in the next couple of days, so you can always look for that when it comes out!

  7. KissHope

    I wonder if you could bake the pieces instead of steam. The combination of bread and onion seems good but the soft doughy bread does not to me. Anyone tried baking instead of steaming?

  8. EasyChineseFood

    @KliCk5000 Thank you! Glad you think that way.
    I wouldn’t recommend baking them because I’m guessing they will be extremely hard out of the oven.


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