Sexy zoo gives out birth control – The Guyism Speed Round for 11/12

In today’s Guyism Speed Round, Katie Nolan discusses an infamously sexy zoo now giving its animals birth control, the phenomenon known as the “Sandy Five,” and more! [PHOTO CREDIT: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Nestle, Reuters, AP, Flickr, Wikimedia, YouTube] If you haven’t laughed yet, here’s your bonus vid: For more Katie Nolan and Guyism, check out: Send Katie questions for Viewer Email Friday at Katie [at] Guyism [dot] com!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Sexy zoo gives out birth control – The Guyism Speed Round for 11/12

  1. 90Stezza

    I know it can be purchased in the US but it is my understanding (from friends in the US, that it isn’t a common item…) Not like it is here, where every supermarket, department store or even servo has a tin of it…

  2. Myles Burkemper

    What is up with the bonus video today? No seriously, I love thanksgiving, but what the hell was that?

  3. Chris Preen

    Actually, they were at a Samsung party because sometimes, it’s nice to try something different (and in that case, better. :P).

  4. cheeriomartinez

    FINALLY! She said something about veterans… which are probably some of your biggest fans by the way

  5. Jesse Hardebeck

    Katie, Hey y dont u look into that patraeus thing? For the real reason y he resigned. Im sure i spelled petraus wrong twice.

  6. Marwolaeth01

    Definately use chocolate powder as it is the only type of milkshake I have in the house! Of course, being too lazy to stirr, I would much prefer a carton of chocolate milk but that would involve going out and buying some so nope, stirring for me it is then.

  7. shawerma90

    Chocolate powder mix lasts a lot longer, and it tastes much better then syrup. The syrup just accumulates at the bottom of the cup and makes a mess, whereas the powder is evenly distributed.


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