Savory Vermicelli – Thin Noodles – Sevai Upma – Indian Recipes by Bhavna

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25 thoughts on “Savory Vermicelli – Thin Noodles – Sevai Upma – Indian Recipes by Bhavna

  1. victoryofnanking

    just cause you have shitty accent doesn’t mean you should bash somebody who is trying. believe me, her english accent is way better than millions other.

  2. SuperVeggieDelight

    There are several recipes I have posted already which are easy and quick to preapre…I will try to make list…

  3. TheGenodr

    hi bhavna,,,,,,,,,,i liked this recipe also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i have watched lots of recipe of yours,,,,,,,,,,even my parents not knowing that i started cooking,,,,,,,,,actaully i m staying in hostel in kerala,,and here no north indian food available so m forced to cook somehting,,but what and how,is where your videos helping me out,,,,,,,,,
    Bahavna can u plz list me other recipes also which will be easy to cook for bachelors like me,,,,,,,just list me,i ll watch the videos one by one,
    Thxs bhavna

  4. MikeTheBarber63

    This may be your best recipe yet! I was so jealous when you tasted it! I am planning to go to an Indian Grocery the next time I am in Nashville, Tennesse. I live in a small rural town, but my Indian friend told me about a grocery where I could get many of the spices you use. Your accent is beautiful and your presentation fantastic. Keep up the good work! Mike

  5. SuperVeggieDelight

    You are very wrong, If you look at subscriber list, only 20% watched by Indians and rest is from other ethnic group of people. And if you think I have fake accent, it will drop on it’s own since fake things do not last long…hope you got it! These days, many people are becoming vegetarian and that’s the reason, videos are now watched by other people more than just Indians.

  6. Kishore Pandey

    Hey your accent so fake!! your videos are watched only by Indians like us, and not by some gorras, so you don’t have to fake your accent for us to understand. For god sake, please don’t fake your accent!

  7. skillsinlife

    My mumma not here tdy n here i m stuck without a clue on how to make vermicelli…instruction in the back are not easy….but You helped me to make dinner for myself tonite…..thanks 🙂

  8. SuperVeggieDelight

    I will have all the recipes written soon on my site but for now, you can follow yellow rice recipe on my site and in place of rice, take vermicelli.

  9. RedTailedTuna

    prevent it from lumping together after a few minutes taste it to see if it is the right firmness to your taste. When mixing it with the other stuff you can take it off the heat and mix it in the wok. It sounds like you over cooked it last time

  10. SuperVeggieDelight

    I haven’t tried with rice vermicelli so I will sure try and let you know. Does your pack have instruction on how to cook rice vermicelli, if so, you can try following it and see if that works.

  11. pinkladydownunder

    hi bhavna , once i made this same recipe , but i used the rice vermicelli, but the result was not good, it turned out very hard. all the single vermicelli joined together and was very tough .. can u tell me how to make it perfectly so tat every single vermicelli is separate and fluffy . thank you

  12. SuperVeggieDelight

    Florida weather is good for curry leavs so I grow outside and not in home. However, when I stayed in snow country, Canada, I used to grow in home. You can buy online or ask some Indian people if they have curry leaves tree and they might give you plant.

  13. 031681508

    hi bhavna, do u grow your curry tree in your home? if u do..where can i get the seeds in usa?help me out plese..thank you and nice recipe.


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